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How to create a slideshare presentation

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Link Friends has created a Slideshare presentation on how to set up a slideshare account. Also it includes how to create a slideshare presentation on how to create a presentation for slideshare and how to upload it.

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How to create a slideshare presentation

  1. 1. Open Slideshare and then click on the signup button
  2. 2. Fill in the boxes or sign in with your twitter/Facebook account
  3. 3. This will take you to your home page.
  4. 4. Open up PowerPoint
  5. 5. Open a new blank presentation in PowerPoint
  6. 6. Click on the insert tab at the top. This will then give you the option to add a photo album. Click on the icon
  7. 7. Click on the File/Disk option
  8. 8. Find the documents you want to upload to your presentation. Click insert
  9. 9. Everything you have selected will appear here. Click Create once finished.
  10. 10. All of your images you have uploaded should appear at the side.
  11. 11. Save your Slideshare presentation.
  12. 12. Click the upload button.
  13. 13. Click the upload button again. Choose the presentation you have just created.
  14. 14. Create a title that is relevant to your Slideshare presentation. Choose a category and select if you want the presentation to be public or private. Click save and continue. Add a description and tags so that your presentation is easier to find.
  15. 15. You can use the Embed code if you would like to use it in a blog or a website. Click when finished to view your presentation. This will bring you to a page that you can share your presentation.