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When Collaboration Drives Your Digital Transformation

  1. When Collaboration Drives Your Digital Transformation
  2. Digital transformation is a hot topic that’s constantly being discussed these days. It's a new way for organizations to use digital technology in order to improve performance. 2 Digital Transformation
  3. In today’s information-driven world, implementing fast digital-based processes and flows, strengthening connections, and encouraging collaboration between business units are all necessary for optimal business operations. 3 Digital Transformation
  4. This realization came when companies decided to unify different systems in a collaborative environment as a way to reduce ever-increasing computing costs. 4 Evolution of Digital Transformation
  5. Evolution of Digital Transformation Intranets, Messaging and Business Apps (like ERPs and CRMs) working in silos Centralization and streamlining of workplace tools within a collaborative experience 5 PAST 20 YEARS TODAY Facelift!
  6. …And thus the move was made from traditional structures to a collaborative one. Digital transformation reinvented the way in which organizations work—everything has been improved, from workplaces, to teamwork and beyond… Evolution of Digital Transformation 6
  7. • All leaders in business and innovation share some common traits • How can digital transformation help you reinforce these traits? Make your company a leader with digital transformation 7
  8. Common Traits of Successful Businesses Strong Corporate Culture Client- Centred Everything Strong Ambition for Market Leadership Continuous Innovation Flawless Execution 8 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  9. Strong Corporate Culture Digital transformation reinforces your company culture! Business leaders such as Google, Apple and Amazon all managed to build extraordinary corporate cultures. 1 9 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  10. Strong Ambition for Market Leadership Digital transformation helps businesses to maintain leadership positions by strengthening ambition in conjunction with a business strategy and execution. 2 10 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  11. Client- Centered Everything Digital transformation made companies like Amazon schedule mandatory call-center workshops. A perfect example of a customer-centric strategy! Why don’t we all do the same? 3 11 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  12. Continuous Innovation Customers are less and less faithful to particular brands, but digital transformation enhances innovation. The ability to generate new, appealing products is what separated Apple from Nokia (remember it?). 4 12 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  13. Flawless Execution You can’t be customer-centric without providing consistently irreproachable service everyday to millions of customers all over the world. 5 13 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  14. For more tips and tricks on how to build a successful business, visit our blog 14 Digital Transformation is About Commitment to Success
  15. How to make the most of digital transformation? When digital transformation meets collaboration 15
  16. Your company vision needs to be modernized and humanized. • Improve your culture of innovation You’ll have to innovate your product and service development. • Update your company vision 16 How to make the most out of digital transformation? • Have a more empowered workforce Educate your employees, get close to them and make them see your updated digital culture the way you’re seeing it.
  17. • Increase your internal collaboration No more working in silos and no more narrow-sighted innovation! 17 How to make the most out of digital transformation? • Improve efficiency Delegate like a boss. Ask for help and pass off tasks to increase productivity. • Have deeper data analysis Extract insights and deepen customer analyses to improve ROI
  18. 18 How to make the most out of digital transformation? • Have a greater competitive advantage Businesses build advantages that executives recognize. • Improve the customer journey Improve conversions and revenues by improving your customer experience • Increase customer conversion and loyalty Seamless customer experience contributes to increased customer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?
  19. employee resistance to change Reinventing everything may cost you a fortune and have side effects 1 fear of the unknown lack of competence etc,etc,… 2 3 4 19 Watch out for the restraints!
  20. Weren’t you working peacefully? 20 Facing People with Doubts and Second Thoughts... What to do now? Weren’t you better off without it? Who will help you break through the barriers?
  21. 21 They are your business enablers! Your Key Players Can Protect Your Commitment to Success
  22. Digital transformation cannot be fully addressed from a purely IT perspective. It requires cooperation between several business owners and proper change management. 22 The Key Players
  23. 23 Top Management Top Influencers Top Execs IT Geeks Internal Comms HR People The Key Players
  24. • HR teams need to evolve from passive administrator to key influencer. • IT needs to centre around the employee experience as a whole. Empowering individual and collective performance 24 The Key Players
  25. HR’s business value lies in technology and the ability to own modern IT evolution issues, and that’s why we should find them on the front lines. 25 The Key Players
  26. Internal communicators also play a key role because they build confidence around collaboration. Not communicating and not sharing what people need to know to get work done is a big issue. 26 The Key Players
  27. Transparency and knowledge- sharing are important when it comes to making people feel connected and giving individuals a voice within the workplace. 27 The Key Players
  28. Even though strategy rather than technology drives success, IT geeks are strong advisors. Let’s not forget that they are the ones that master the most digital tools so they’ll eventually facilitate the adoption of the digital transformation strategy. 28 The Key Players
  29. Leading by example is part of playing the game. CEOs & managers need to go beyond saying going digital is a good thing and actually do it! 29 The Key Players
  30. Leaders need to be influencers in the physical, virtual and augmented worlds. The more leaders understand digital trends and technologies, the more confident their colleagues will be. 30 The Key Players
  31. At first glance, what do you think about digital transformation? Does this scare you or excite you? How about giving it a try and reaching your business’s full potential through a fully featured collaboration solution? Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy 31
  32. Main points to consider Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy 32
  33. Source Duval Union Consulting Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy 33
  34. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Assessment Create a basic strategy and tactical insights in order to understand • your customers • the market • your challenges and opportunities. 34
  35. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Strategy The team has to come up with possible ideas that will be used later to map out market problems. The outcome is a clearly defined transformation strategy and an action plan. 35
  36. You need to: • define the key market problems, and • map out creative ideas and solutions.  Only ideas with good problems behind them will survive. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap 36
  37. The case is high level based on a digital first setting, and it serves as a starting point for further elaboration by the client.  This can be extended to dive deeper into specific cases and define new cases. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Business Cases 37
  38. This occurs when you present the management summary to the client’s key stakeholders and discuss possible next steps in the transformation process. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Debriefing 38
  39. Source Danairat Thanabodithammachari The process explained above will then transform a vision, a mission, services, organisations and digital initiatives into a business process and technology for the organisation. Having a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy 39
  40. But what’s the point of conducting a digital transformation strategy without measuring its success? You need to know that your digital transformation is conducted through collaborative tools. Choose a suitable solution before measuring its success! Now let’s play with numbers a little bit. Measurement & KPIs 40
  41. According to McKinsey, fewer than 15% of companies can quantify the return on investment of their digital initiatives! That’s a small number for such a huge project, right? Measurement & KPIs 41
  42. Evaluating returns from digital technologies is hard because traditional metrics, such as ROI, do not capture the wider impact of digital investments. Measurement & KPIs 42 Active Users Scale Engagement
  43. To measure the impact of digital transformation, you need to look beyond traditional financial key performance indicators and focus on digital traction metrics instead! Measurement & KPIs 43
  44. Leading venture capital and private equity firms such as DFJ, General Atlantic, Monashees Capital and Andreessen Horowitz are using the following metrics (or a subset of them) to analyze the digital traction of businesses in which they are investing: Measurement & KPIs 44
  45. Source Word Economic Forum Measurement & KPIs 45 Active UsersScale Engagement • Number of visitors • Number of registered leads • MOM (month-on- month) growth in registration • Organic user acquisition • Number of active users • Monthly active users • Ratio of new users to repeat users/customers • Conversion rate • Abandon rates • Net promoter score (NPS) • Customer satisfaction index • Downloads • Bounce rate • Sources of traffic • Customer concentration risk • Number of likes & shares Digital Traction
  46. In a nutshell, companies need to measure and monitor a combination of essentially behavioural metrics, such as frequency of use, customer engagement and number of users, which they can use to communicate the popularity and market adoption momentum of a product or service. Measurement & KPIs 46
  47. 47 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites Source: Digital transformation in 50 soundbites
  48. 48 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites “This isn’t a waste of money, it’s the necessary cost of change.” Edward Humphrey, Director of Digital, BFI
  49. “ It’s all about leadership. It’s as simple as that. Simple answer, difficult solution.” Vicky Browning, Director, CharityComms 49 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites
  50. 50 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites HR has a unique role to play − but it’s currently under- delivering because people don’t see how important it is in this transformation” Owen Pringle, Director, Therein
  51. 51 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites “Collaborate − share your code, share your plans, share content, share resources.” Ed Humphrey, Director of Digital, BFI
  52. 52 Digital transformation in 5 soundbites “ This is not just a question of changing skillset. It is a changing of mindset.’ Julie Dodd, Author of The New Reality
  53. If you’re eager to learn more about digital transformation, feel free to get in touch with: 53 Veronika Mazour Julien Brulland Nouha Blagui
  54. 54 Ready for the transformation?