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Moodle info for techs

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Moodle info for techs

  1. 1. Things you’ll want to know how to do with Moodle
  2. 2. The browser matters!• Open Mozilla Firefox browser (Moodle does not work well with Internet Explorer)• Go to www.ivglearning.com• Click on Login link in upper right of screen
  3. 3. Logging into Moodle• Follow directions for “Returning to this web site?” if you’ve logged in before.• Or “Is this your first time here?” if you’ve never signed in before.
  4. 4. If it’s your first time• Choose a user name and password (min 6 characters)• Use your IVG email address• Enter your hospital’s town• Click “Create my new account”
  5. 5. Quizzes with “Write-in” answersSome protocol quizzes have questions requiring you towrite in the answer, as opposed to selecting one.These questions must be hand graded or the points won’tshow up in your quiz score. When you take a quiz like this,please:•Submit a ticket to learning@ivghospitals.com to inform usso we can grade it and give you credit (see examplecoming up)•Include the protocol level number and name of the quiz inthe ticket
  6. 6. Need Help?• Questions? Problems? Quiz with “fill in the blank” questions? Let us help.• Click on this:• Enter your IVG email address and the password you set up for submitting tickets
  7. 7. Send a Ticket• Go to Tickets menu, select New Ticket, then fill out or Please grade my quiz! or I took the L1 Oral Med Administration quiz – needs to be graded.
  8. 8. What quizzes have I passed?• Click on the Reportsicon on right-hand side ofmain page• Click on Learner Detail Report
  9. 9. Find your “Learner Detail Report”• Select “All Categories,” skip Course box, select your name in User box
  10. 10. Did I pass? What’s my score?• The Course Grade column will show you the quiz grade for each course for which you’ve taken a quiz. A score of 80% or higher is passing.• Please note: some protocols also have a practical portion that is not reflected in the Moodle information. You need to keep track of those by saving the certificates and getting them signed by your supervisor.
  11. 11. Protocols with PracticalsTo pass protocols with practicals•Take and pass the protocol quiz. Print out certificate.•Arrange with a supervisor or doctor to observe you as youperform the specifics covered by the protocol.•If that person believes you have shown adequateproficiency, he or she will “sign you off” by signing thecertificate. N.B. As of 7/12, the only exception to the supervisor rule is at IVGMetroWest, where an L4 technician may sign you off instead.
  12. 12. If you’re old schoolIf you’d prefer to have protocol information in your hands,you can print out a protocol sign off sheet (progress record)for the level you’re working on. Do one of these things:•Email us at learning@ivghospitals.com to request one•Go to the Shared drive and drill down, as below:
  13. 13. If you get interrupted…If you start a quiz but are unable to answer all thequestions due to an unavoidable work interruption, the quizmay “time out.”If this happens, please ticket Learning & Development withthe date and reason. It is possible to delete that quizattempt.When in doubt, email learning@ivghospitals.com