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Hacking health Healtbook Pitch

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Hacking health Healtbook Pitch

  1. 1. Healthbook® www.healthbook.com Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) – based Self- Tracking and Behavior Change Tool Gunther Eysenbach, MD MPH FACMIProfessor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto; Senior Scientist, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation Co-Director, Communication & Knowledge Translation, Techna Institute CEO & Publisher, JMIR Publications Inc. Editor, Journal of Medical Internet Research (www.jmir.org) Visiting Professor, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Twente, The NetherlandsProducer, Medicine 2.0 Congress & Social Network (www.medicine20congress.com)
  2. 2. Problem/Idea• Major public health problems (tobacco, physical inactivity, obesity) require individual behavior change• Key ingredients of behavior change include modeling, peer- support, self-monitoring, reinforcement, feedback etc• Self-monitoring requires data entry, which most people don’t do over extended periods of time• However, many people already use social media to enter and disclose what they are doing, where they are etc.• Idea: Use individual social media streams (Twitter, Facebook) as input for personal self-tracking (and eventually as input into 3rd party behavior change apps, personal health records etc) Social Media Analytics Visualization Integration
  3. 3. Some random ideas• Let users define “projects” defined by keywords which can be classified into healthy/unhealthy behavior and tracked. Other users can see projects and “reuse” them. E.g. “workout” = healthy point• Visualization using Google graphs (trends over time)• Numeric data extraction e.g. for weight, blood pressure, glucose level (#bgnow) into charting• Use location data to “learn” and track health behavior (“I am at the gym working out! #healthy” – “I am at McDonalds #unhealthy”)• Could also be used to track and monitor mood
  4. 4. “Happiness / Humor / Mood Index”: Smileys : Frowneys Ratio
  5. 5. Workflow• User creates account by logging in with Facebook and/or Twitter accounts (which will be connected to Healthbook® account)• User defines behavior change goals and “projects” (e.g. goal: weight loss, projects track certain keywords, phrases, places/locations, numeric data)• Healthbook® monitors social media status updates of the user• Healthbook® Visualizer tracks progress against goals and population trends, and/or sends out alerts
  6. 6. The beauty of it…• We don’t build a separate application or community and try to get people to use it. People are already using social media.• Peer-support (friends/family) is already “built- in”• We can use the same data to study population trends (business model!)
  7. 7. Team• Developers, ideally interest in social media (Twitter/FB API) and natural language processing• Designer(s) to do a mockup on charting• Behavior Change experts