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eZ Unconference#2 - Future of the internet 2020 - C. Zahneissen (cpo)

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eZ Unconference #2

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eZ Unconference#2 - Future of the internet 2020 - C. Zahneissen (cpo)

  1. 1. Internet 2020 – a future outlookeZ UnConference #2, May 27th 2013@chriszahneissen
  2. 2. How has the Web evolved thus far?What will the future of the Web look like?
  3. 3. There are many predictions
  4. 4. well, lets first have a look back...source: frog design
  5. 5. The Indexed Web contains at least10.93 billion pages(Thursday, 18 April, 2013).Source: http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/The size of the World Wide Web
  6. 6. The digital natives arrive in the business worldMillennials are used to being “connected” 24/7 and don’t seedemarcations between work and personal life the way oldergenerations do. Source: forbes.com
  7. 7. Technology in 2020• 6 Billion Mobile Phone Users• 5 Billion Internet Users• 50 Billion Intelligent Devices Connected to the Internet• Internet and mobility will converge• “at any time, at any place, for anybody and in any device”• Digital Universe will be 44 times bigger than 10 years before• 34% of the digital Universe will be cloud related or based• Social relationships will be affected by the Internet at all levels• Merging of digital and physical world will create new opportunitiesOpportunities and challenges for you
  8. 8. How will the future web device will look alike?
  9. 9. You all know about Google GlassesDid you order it already?source: Amzer
  10. 10. We can now walk inside the BrowserIf we walk the city together you see it differently than I do
  11. 11. But are you prepared to wear digital eye lenses soon?And which browser do you prefer for it?source: BBC News
  12. 12. Or would you implant a tooth phone?Motorola plans the rollout for 2019source: Motorola
  13. 13. Digital and analogue world is further mergingAnd we adapt as we go
  14. 14. Interaction Channels determine the future of the webUnderstanding the way we interact is essential
  15. 15. Any channel and any deviceHow does this affect us?• Mobile experience sets theexpectation for usability,performance and behavior• The experience flows whereyou are and what you are doingin context• A multiplatform is eneviatableand we need constantly todevelop new UI skillsA multichannel strategy is a key requirement of the future web
  16. 16. The Future Web runs on User Experience PlatformsThe future Web will become pervasive
  17. 17. The winning recipe to engageUse all you creativity to apply business insights with the technology capabilitiessource: hansacequity.com
  18. 18. Next Monday:- Establish a clear roadmap on what to do in order to make the users of your digitalchannels more powerful- Analyze threats and opportunities of your current technical and organizational set-up.Next 90 days- Review your Personas and map an empowerment plan for the most importantones- establish a plan to deliver the most required servicesNext 12 month- Integrate context and location into your services- Start learning (and continue measuring ) and improve continuouslyUntil 2020- Maintain an open development platform and be in line of sight with customertechnologies- Learn to fail and clarify what you won’t be coveringYour Action Plan2020 is near – now its the time to establish digital experience
  19. 19. The future starts here!