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Similaire à 2010 марк стратеги шинэ бүтээгдэхүүний төлөвлөлт(20)


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2010 марк стратеги шинэ бүтээгдэхүүний төлөвлөлт

  1. Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүний төлөвлөлт 5
  2. Өрсөлдөөний стратегийн өөрчлөлт
  3. Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүнийг бий болгох болон хэрэглэгчдийн эрэлтийг хангах үйл явцын хувьд хурдтай байх нь өрсөлдөөний маш чухал давуу тал юм. Н onda бол түргэн шинэчлэгчдийн хамгийн сайн жишээ.
  6. These businesses built and renewed, and continue to build and renew, their competitive advantage through incremental product line improvements and extensions –but it is on the basis of the riskier, failure-laden, expensive and time-consuming efforts to pioneer new businesses and new generations of technology that their competitive advantage was and still is established.
  7. Characteristics of successful innovators Strategic initiatives Creating an innovative culture Leveraging capabilities Selecting the right innovation strategy Making resource commitments Developing and implementing effective new-product processes
  8. Developing successful new products requires systematic planning to coordinate the many decisions, activities, and functions necessary to move the new-product idea to commercial success. A generic planning process can be used in planning a wide range of new products.
  9. New-product planning process: Customer needs analysis Idea generation Screening and evaluation Business analysis Marketing strategy development Product development Testing commercialization
  10. Sources of new-product ideas include R&D laboratories, employees, customers, competitors, outside inventors, acquisition, and value-chain members.