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Slack, the future workplace

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In this study Gafanomics by Fabernovel, you’ll discover what is, to us – FABERNOVEL is among Slack’s early adopters, using it since 2014 –, Slack’s secret sauce and what makes it so special.

Slack is surely an incredible company with tremendous growth perspectives. But what does it mean in terms of work ideology? How can a single application transform culture, work relationships and, ultimately, entire organizations?

There is a (work) life before Slack... and another one after it: let’s see how Slack has impacted the corporate world.

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  • Great presentation. I understand where you are coming from and where you are going, well, I'd love to see 2 elements I think are dimensioning: 1/ what about Consumer Messaging apps? (WhatsApp, Line etc.) and specialised one (like Symphony, Bloomberg etc.)?
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