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In this study, FABERNOVEL and Ardian Infrastructure combine their expertise to answer a key issue faced by many in the infrastructure world today: in a world that is moving ever forward and finds itself increasingly transformed by the digital, what shapes infrastructure and renders it capable of adapting to and meeting the needs of tomorrow’s economy? How can we boost innovation in infrastructure? And how are we able to add value to infrastructure in tomorrow’s world?

FABERNOVEL and Ardian Infrastructure have developed a scoring model as well as a method aiming to guide future investments in infrastructure, known as “augmented infrastructure”. This method will deliver the tools to help understand key concepts, help succeed in and invest in a whole economy network.

More information here : https://bit.ly/2A4hl41

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  • @faber - this is excellent work. It truly captures the essence of the shifts in the world from an investment and infrastructure perspective. I think of it as a layer cake and you have managed to identify and explain each layer of teh cake and how it all comes together. exceptional work. well done - I first came cross your FB and API works almost 5 years ago and remembered how good they were - so came back looking to see what u guys were up to these days and am happy to say you still produce actionable research work. cheers.
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