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HAPILABS Platform presentation (Quantified Self Paris) June 28, 2013

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HAPILABS Platform presentation (Quantified Self Paris) June 28, 2013

  1. 1. The Place to Stay Fit, Healthy & HAPI Fabrice A. Boutain CEO / Founder ceo@hapilabs.com @fabriceboutain Quantified Self Paris, June 28 2013
  3. 3. 3 key dates in my life 1971: Nutrition (born gluten intolerant) 1988: Sport / Pole Vault (National level athlete) 1995: Internet discovery and revolution
  4. 4. 1996: First start up (PageFrance) 2000: First success (sold to Lycos) 2001: First book and first child 1996-2001: The start-up years
  5. 5. 2002-2011: The entrepreneur years 2002: Personal Development and online platform (ANXA.COM) 80 000 paying subscribers 2007: Personalized coaching & social network (Aujourdhui.com) 2M unique visitors 2011: Nutritional supplements & biotechnology (Actinutrition.com) 150 000 products sold per year
  6. 6. 2011-2013: The HAPI years 2011: 40 years-old; search for meaning, better health and improved quality of life 2012: Creation of HAPILABS, platform and connected devices
  7. 7. Why HAPIness?
  8. 8. What is HAPIness? 3 levels of happiness: • The Pleasant Life: as many pleasures as possible, comfort, but it doesn’t last. • The Good Life: time stops, you’re one with the music, flow. • The Meaningful Life: using your strengths for something bigger than you are, contributing to the lives of others, maximum life satisfaction, last longer. Source: Martin E. P. Seligman on “Authentic Happiness”
  9. 9. The connection between Health & HAPIness What research have found: • Happiness improves the functioning of keybiological processes University College London • Optimistic people are up to 50% less likely to suffer a heart attack or a stroke Harvard School of Public Health • There's a strong connection between positive mental health and longevity American Journal of Public Health What people think: "A happier person is a healthier person and, in turn, a healthier person is a happier person."
  10. 10. Approved by science "Happy people are more likely to have fulfilling marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, robust health and even a long life.“ Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD
  12. 12. What is HAPILABS? HAPILABS was founded in 2012 to provide individuals the right tools to monitor and manage their personal health and fitness data in order to improve their overall HAPIness.
  13. 13. Helping people adopt good habits • People want to gain better control over their lives • Connected devices & apps can help them adopt good habits • They need a easy-to-use platform to gather and cross all data they tracked about themselves • If it can be measured, it can be improved
  15. 15. A platform to stay fit, healthy and HAPI Mobile app: • View your progress • Track your performances • Save your HAPImoments with pictures, videos and comments Web Dashboard: • Manage data from your devices • Set your workout goals • Share your HAPImoments
  16. 16. Stay in top shape by filling up the 3 flasks of a healthy balanced life: • EAT: 50% of your health stands in the food you take • LIVE: Exercise, sleep and relaxation can always be improved • LOVE: Mood and HAPIness trackings are key to quality of life Visualize your level of shape (block 1)
  17. 17. Gather all your personal health & fitness data in a single place • All your data (sleep, steps, meals…) are just one click away • Cross-devices platform (all available API are plugged) • Allows manual tracking when user doesn't have device yet Track all your stats and data (block 2)
  18. 18. You can access a variety of coaching programs to: • Better use your favorite devices; Flex, Up, HAPIfork, … • Improve your skills in various fields with top experts and renowned coaches Learn and improve yourself (block 3)
  19. 19. • Make healthy living a game with your family • Find new friends in your area of interest • Discuss about your favorite devices and topics Play & share with the ones you love (block 4)
  20. 20. Score points to make life healthier & HAPIer • All activities are rewarded with HAPIfuel based on how good they are for your wellness • A real-time real-life game for your friends and family Today, Annie scored 60 HAPIfuel for a healthy meal and 75 HAPIfuel for a good 8 hours of sleep Today, Bob scored 220 HAPIfuel for 11,000 steps and 30 HAPIfuel for 30 minutes meditation
  21. 21. A cross-devices, cross-apps platform You can choose which device or app you use for tracking what! Annie uses Fitbit Zip to track steps, Jawbone Up to track sleep and Withings Pulse to track heart-rate Bob uses Jawbone Up to track steps, Larklife to track sleep and HAPIfork to track meals
  22. 22. A friendly ecosystem Samsung S HEALTH Other Devices Other Apps Secure data sharing Through API
  24. 24. Introducing HAPItrack, the first activity tracker that also tracks your HAPIness • Bluetooth “Fitbit-like” activity tracker (steps, distance, calories) • Tracks daily HAPImoments • Comes with mobile app + online dashboard • Fun & friendly design
  25. 25. Why it is important to track HAPIness Source happier
  26. 26. HAPIbutton, patented technology Capture your HAPImoments before they fade away. How it works... 1. Press 2. Capture 3. Amplify 4. Enrich 5. Share
  27. 27. Introducing HAPIfork, the first connected fork that tracks your eating habits Powered by
  28. 28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3vMUiVtCtY
  29. 29. CES Recognition
  30. 30. What can HAPIfork do? ALERT SYSTEM MEASUREMENT SYSTEM TRACKING SYSTEM Alarm Set-up 3 settings Simple measurement Rhythm Overspeed LED & Vibrations Hygiene Stainless steel fork head Aluminium fork handle Easy to disassemble and wash Tracking Meal times Number of meals Duration of meals Interval between fork servings Number of fork servings Easy Sync Bluetooth & USB Mac / PC Smartphones / Tablets
  31. 31. What HAPIfork complete solution includes • A connected device • A mobile app (IOS & Android) • An online dashboard • A coaching program to eat better and healthier • A fun online social game
  32. 32. What a meal with HAPIfork looks like
  33. 33. They had a meal with the HAPIfork! " One meal wasn't enough time to cure me of my snarfing ways, but I was more aware of how fast I ate for the rest of the day.“ Heather Kelly, CNN " It only took a few rumbles of my mouth to slow me down. By the end of the meal, I began to unconsciously place my fork into a flat position, rather than holding it like a spear waiting for attack.“ Gregory Ferenstein, TechCrunch “It became a bit of a game to see what actions and behaviors would and would not produce the vibration alert. I was unusually aware of the speed with which I was eating; in these regards, the HAPIfork was already working.” Amber Bouman, TechHive
  34. 34. Thank You "I have decided to be [HAPI] because it's good for my health." (Voltaire)
  35. 35. It’s time to join the HAPI revolution! www.hapilabs.com @fabriceboutain ceo@hapilabs.com