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Comcast Property Sees 92% Success Rate With New Mobile retail software
designed for in-store ret
OpenID Method counting, receiving etc.
Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / February 10, 2009 2:33 PM / 22 Comments « Prior Post Next Post » www.handpoint.com

Dell Business Comput
The most-watched geek event of the day has to be the OpenID UX
Business Computer Pow
(User Experience) Summit, hosted at the Facebook headquaters. The Core™ 2 Duo On Sale
most discussed moment of the day will surely be the presentation by
Comcast's Plaxo team. New Zealand Site
Features 130,000 Memb
Plaxo and Google have collaborated on an OpenID method that may It's So Popular!
represent the solution to OpenID's biggest problems: it's too unknown,
it's too complicated and it's too arduous. Today at the User Experience
Summit, Plaxo announced that early tests of its new OpenID login
system had a 92% success rate - unheard of in the industry. OpenID's usability problems appear RWW SPONSORS

closer than ever to being solved for good.

This experimental method refers to big, known brands where users were already logged in, it
requires zero typing - just two clicks - and it takes advantage of the OpenID authentication
opportunity to get quick permission to leverage the well established OAuth data swap to facilitate
immediate personalization - at the same time, with nothing but 2 clicks required of users.

Plaxo, primarily known for the noxious flood of spam emails it delivered in its early days, is now an
online user activity data stream aggregator owned by telecom giant Comcast. The Plaxo team has
been at the forefront of the new Open Web paradigm best known for the OpenID protocol.

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