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People want to share and The Open, Social Web Workshop

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People want to share and be connected

“Of the 1.1 billion people age 15 and older worldwide who accessed the
Internet from a home or work location in May 2009, 734.2 million visited
at least one social networking site during the month, representing a
penetration of 65 percent of the worldwide Internet audience. [...]

“Social networking has become a popular online pastime not only in
mature Internet markets like North America, but also in developing,
high-growth Internet markets such as Russia,” said Mike Read, SVP &
managing director, comScore Europe. “In a country as geographically
large as Russia, social networking represents a way of connecting
people from one corner of the country to the other. The highly engaged
behavior of social networkers in Russia offers significant opportunity for
marketers and advertisers seeking to reach these audiences.”

— comScore, July 2, 2009

*Source: comScore

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