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Fairfax County Land Development Services 2018 Highlights

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Fairfax County Land Development Services 2018 Highlights

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Fairfax County Land Development Services 2018 Highlights

  1. 1. Bill Hicks, Director January 10, 2019 Fairfax County Land Development Services-2018 Highlights
  2. 2. LDS 2018 Highlights: 2 1. Parking 2. PFM Flex 3. ePlans 4. Commercial Walk-thru 5. PLUS 6. Published First LDS Annual Report
  3. 3. LDS 2018 Highlights: 3 1. Parking a. New parking rates in Non-Tysons Transit Station Areas (TSA) b. Shared parking reductions of up to 30% may now be approved by the Director c. Parking reductions allowed based on the unique characteristics of proposed use(s) d. ELIMINATED parking reductions based on proffered Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs
  4. 4. LDS 2018 Highlights: Geotechnical • Streamlined certification of in- ground pools. • Updated exploration requirements for buildings less than 5,000 sq. ft. • Clarified factor of safety for slope stability. Fire&Safety • Accommodated emergency access for rooftop & courtyard pools. • Defined aerial access requirement for high rise buildings. • Clarified hydrant requirement for 4- story townhouses. UrbanTrees • Introduced soil volume guidelines. • Added guidance on tree condition assessments. • Increased flexibility for counting tree canopy. 4 2. PFM Flex: Phase 1 (continued)
  5. 5. LDS 2018 Highlights: Subdivisions • Simplified the data collection process for as-built drawings. • Revised the rating tools used to determine the viability of financial institutions. StormDrainage • Eliminated curvilinear pipe design. • Clarified outfall requirements in floodplains to limit disturbance. • Updated requirements for stabilizing ground cover. Streets&Parks • Clarified clear zone requirements. • Removed “Street Functional Classification” section from Chapter 7. • Updated the tot lot requirements. 5 2. PFM Flex: Phase 1 (continued)
  6. 6. Clear • Removed outdated text. • Updated plates. • Updated acronyms. Interactive • Added hyperlinks to directly access references. • Referenced federal, state & county codes. • Re-structured for easier navigation. Adaptable • Re-established PFM as guidelines. • Changed “shall” to either “must” or “should” for added flexibility, where possible. 6 2. PFM Flex: Phase 1 (continued) LDS 2018 Highlights:
  7. 7. LDS 2018 Highlights: 7 3. ePlans a. Completed ePlans Pilot b. Workflow migration from Project Dox to Project Flow a. Improved user experience b. Searches c. Applicant upload d. Reviewer eform and checklist c. Going live this winter with the following plan types: a. New Building Construction (Launched 1/9!!) b. Interior Alterations (Launched on 1/9!!) c. Site Plans d. Minor Site Plans
  8. 8. LDS 2018 Highlights: 8 4. Commercial Walk-Thru Same-day, face-to-face review with county staff & permit issuance for: a. Systems furniture b. Tenant space demolitions c. Sales trailers d. Sales offices in model home garages e. Kiosks requiring sprinklers (non-sprinklered kiosks do not require a plan review) f. New antennas on existing poles/towers (replacement antennas on existing poles/towers do not require a permit) g. Awnings (canopies with posts are ineligible)
  9. 9. LDS 2018 Highlights: 9 5. PLUS (Planning and Land Use System)
  10. 10. LDS 2018 Highlights: 10 6. 1st LDS annual report a. Filled with Metrics b. Spent the Year on developing metrics around ‘Time to Market’ c. FY2018 Annual Report Forthcoming
  11. 11. Questions? 11