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Government Center Pond Retrofit - May 2013

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Government Center Pond Retrofit - May 2013
Detention Basin Retrofit Project
Braddock District

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Government Center Pond Retrofit - May 2013

  1. 1. FAIRFAX CO LANDBAY C, PD-4Detention Basin Retrofit ProjectBraddock DistrictProject No. SD-000031-066
  2. 2. Description and Overview:This stormwater management facility (Facility ID 0595DP) is located at 12000 Government Center Parkway. The facilitywas originally built to help control approximately 17 acres of drainage area, with 9 acres of impervious area. The basindrains to the Difficult Run Watershed and then to the Potomac River. This retrofit project was initiated for the purpose ofimproving water quality, habitat, and aesthetic quality. The designed wetland element of this pond’s retrofit will helpreduce the velocity of the runoff before it discharges to the natural channel. The completed facility will provide for 100%of the 1-inch water quality volume treatment within the existing facility BMP elevations.Project Scope of Work:• The existing basin was re-graded to remove sediments and to form an extended flow path design.• Three shallow micro-pools were created to retain runoff.• An underlying gravel gallery infiltration system was constructed to intercept and cool the first flush of runoff; inaddition to provide ease of drainage when needed during routine maintenance.• Imbricated stone was utilized to stabilize at the inlets and outlets and for maintenance accessibility.• Placement of compost blanket within the newly graded basin to improve soil infiltration and provide rich growthmedium for the newly established native plant communities.• Incorporation of various trees, shrubs, and native grass/wildflower seed mixes to help with the uptake and treatmentof pollutant entering the basin.DPWES Project Team:• Project Manager – Jasdeep Saini• Construction Manager – Yudhie Brownson• Project Inspectors - Jack Schambach & Keith Ferrell• Survey Analyst - Gregory Harper & Gregg HousleyProject Details
  3. 3. This Stormwater Management Facility is adjacent to the Fairfax County Government Centerlocated at 12000 Government Center Parkway.Site LimitsGovernment Center Parkway - Tax Map No. 56-1 & 56-2Stormwater Management Facility ID 0065DP
  4. 4. Pre-existing Condition
  5. 5. Post ConstructionVarious plantings and trees scheduled throughoutthe facility at the start of growing season
  6. 6. Post Construction: Riser Structure
  7. 7. Shallow Micro-PoolsPost Construction: Concrete channel was removed; micro-pools and an extended flow path design were incorporated
  8. 8. Construction of Gravel Gallery Infiltration System
  9. 9. Post Construction: Imbricated Rocks ArmoringExisting Inlets for Stabilization and Scour ProtectionInlets- Conveying Parking Lot Runoffs
  10. 10. For additional Information, please callIrene Haske, Public Information Officer703-324-5821, TTY 711SWPDmail@fairfaxcounty.govwww.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes