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Engage All The Things: Rethinking Online Engagement

Slides presented at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology conference by Ash Shepherd, Minds on Design Lab, and Farra Trompeter. Big Duck.

Do your communications feel trapped in Dark Ages or are they community-centric and campaign-oriented? What does fostering online engagement really mean? Which social channels should you be on and how does your website and email fit in? Oh yeah, and what about your mission? Throughout the discussion, we’ll include examples of nonprofits that are leading the way and help you assess, prioritize, and implement new strategies to foster more meaningful online engagement.

Attendees with walk away with: 1) Resources for assessing your online presence; 2) Lessons learned from case studies; 3) Example frameworks to help guide your process

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Engage All The Things: Rethinking Online Engagement

  1. 1. Engage All The Things: Rethinking Online Engagement #14NTCengage Ash Shepherd Farra Trompeter
  2. 2. Road Map Introductions Online Engagement Spectrum Case Study: Regional Foundation Engaging Audiences Prioritizing Options Applying it to You Wrap-up Slide 1 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  3. 3. Introductions Ash Shepherd Farra Trompeter Minds on Design Lab Big Duck @NPTech_Ash @Farra Slide 2 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  4. 4. Information without context is just more noise Slide 3 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Photo Credit: ePublisist - www.flickr.com/photos/25275534@N00/9733284483
  5. 5. Online Engagement Spectrum Slide 4 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Dark Ages Machine Ages Era of Engagement Description All about surviving and just getting by; reactive Focused on tools and technology as driving force Focused on the people with technology supporting goals Strategic Direction 3-5+ years since change 1-2 years since change Always changing Communication • Broadcast • Outdated Information • No Monitoring • Mix of Org & Community • Some Best Practices • Informal Monitoring/Rep orting • Evolves Based on Feedback • Segmentation • Formal Listening Strategies Buy-in Lack of Leadership Support Fractured support and silos Highly Integrated Across Org Perception Organization cares mostly about itself. Organization cares mostly about specific actions. Organization cares about me and sharing ownership of the impact.
  6. 6. Where is your organization? Slide 5 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  7. 7. Additional thoughts Slide 6 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage The same on all channels? You are not alone Who are your peers? Who are your role models?
  8. 8. Case Study: Regional foundation Focused on the mission, not the brand Slide 7 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Photo Credit: caribb www.flickr.com/photos/87857621@N00/11387810243
  9. 9. Case Study: Context Slide 8 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Photo Credit: keeva999 www.flickr.com/photos/54159370@N08/8028231356
  10. 10. Case Study: The Journey Didn’t speculate… tried to articulate Slide 9 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  11. 11. Case Study: The Journey Developed a full set of strategies and prioritized Slide 10 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  12. 12. Case Study: Where are they now? Phase 1 Slide 11 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Phase 2
  13. 13. Case Study: Where are they now? Listen, Change, Review Slide 12 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage Photo Credit: B Rosen www.flickr.com/photos/82763263@N00/4255321476
  14. 14. Case Study: You are a case study Why do “This” and not “That”? What is coming next? Evolving or just changing tactics? Slide 13 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  15. 15. Engaging your audiences Slide 14 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  16. 16. Prioritizing your options 1. Identify your primary goal 2. Ask who your community is and what they want from you 3. Determine what resources you have available ($, staff, time) 4. Select channels based on this info 5. Plan it in phases… 6. Evaluate and refine Slide 15 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  17. 17. Activity: Pair Up! • Where are you now? • Pick the channel that matters to you and discuss how you will evolve Slide 16 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
  18. 18. Report back Slide 17 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage I volunteer as Tribute!
  19. 19. Resource examples Influencer Plan: Tips to Amplify Your Online Reach http://mod-lab.com/blog/entry/influencer_plan_tips_to_amplify_your_online_reach Is it time to rethink your website? http://www.bigducknyc.com/website-rethink-flowchart Slide 18 Engage All the Things: #14NTCengage
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