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Knowledge management in Youtube

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  1. 1. YOUTUBE
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION ▪YouTube was established by three former employees of e-commerce firm PayPal: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. ▪Video sharing service that lets user upload files to you tube serves that they are available online ▪The 2nd Largest search Engine ▪If YouTube were a country it would be largest in the world after India and China ▪Fastest growing video sharing website in the world ▪Nearly one out of every 2 internet users are on You Tube ▪More than one billion views a day
  3. 3. HISTORY
  4. 4. FEATURES ▪Free video sharing with exception of content that is offensive or illegal. ▪YouTube allows users to post and tag videos, watch those posted by others, post comments in a threaded- discussion format, search for content by keyword or category, and create and participate in topical groups. ▪You tube ties into several blogging application ▪Connect with people ▪Copyright
  5. 5. YOU TUBE -platform for knowledge Management ▪ KM - people to get right information at right time ▪ What makes good KM platform? 1. Communities of practices 2. knowledge Map 3. Great search Features 4. Collaboration 5. Information Repositories
  6. 6. You Tube- Learning Laboratory ▪A learning laboratory is an organization dedicated to knowledge creation, collection, and control. ▪YOUTUBE-Create Knowledge ▪YOUTUBE-Collect knowledge ▪YOUTUBE-Control Knowledge
  7. 7. Knowledge Map
  8. 8. MIND MAP
  9. 9. HEAT MAP
  10. 10. KNOWLEDGE REPOSITORY ▪Secure storing of knowledge ▪Easy access to content and contribute content to repository ▪Easy sharing and reuse of content ▪Enabling interaction and collaboration
  14. 14. TAG CLOUD
  15. 15. Taxonomy or Folksonomy?
  16. 16. How this tool can be an advantage to organizations?
  17. 17. how YOUTUBE became 2nd largest search engine?
  18. 18. Successful companies are those that consistently create new knowledge, disseminate it widely throughout the organization, and quickly embody it in new technologies and products.
  19. 19. THANK YOU