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10.3.17 1 h 2016 2017 Liceo N. Machiavelli Scrapbook presentations

Class I H has been working on the OUP Read on libry since Nov. 2016.
Some kids have created scrapbooks related to the project and have presented them in English to their classmates and to 5 pupils from another class on March 10.3.2017

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10.3.17 1 h 2016 2017 Liceo N. Machiavelli Scrapbook presentations

  1. 1. READ ON Class 1 H 2016-2017 Liceo N. Machiavelli - Roma 10.3.2017 Presenting Our Scrapbooks
  2. 2. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives once.” • George R.R. Martin This very simple quote summarized what reading is all about; life is not always that easy, so why should you be stressed out about it? Start reading and forget about everything. “The Jungle Book”; “The Murder Of Mary Jones”; “The Coldest Place On Earth” “READING” by Luca
  3. 3. “Remember, trips are the most important things in life. If in your life you don’t go on trips,you will never know what is the meaning of life” “TRIPS” BY GIULIA For my scrapbook I decided to put together different images of the most important trips in my life. This is Oslo, in Norway, during the summer time. “Another city in summer time.” “Santo Domigo.” “Los Angeles, U.S.”
  4. 4. “THE WORLD” (Alice) My scrapbook talks about the most beautiful cities around the world. In my scrapbook I pick some photos and write some sentences about travelling.
  5. 5. “LIFE”everyone has a purpose LIFE is, a series of events strung together like a phrase of a sentence forever changing and forever adapting. Turn the page and READ ON. -Michael T. Coe know your worth https://it.pinterest.com/crushpopitamand/bo b-marleys-life-quotes-3/ https://it.pinterest.com/pin/571 323902707929294/ by Lorella https://s-media-cache- ak0.pinimg.com/564x/13/47/26/1347263 4b7b9d215eacda86e643f63ab.jpg
  6. 6. “TRAVEL” (Rita) my scrapbook is about travelling. I always loved the idea of discovering, and learning something about other cultures. Travelling is a way to discover something new especially about yourself. I’ve not travelled much but this is my biggest passion! For my scaprbook project I’ve chosen some pictures I’ve also decided to write some sentences that can describe in a few words the beautiful experience that travelling gives to you.
  7. 7. By Chiara “Summer Intern” -Helen Salter Read on book
  8. 8. MY TRIPS My project is about my two trips: Barcelona and London. For my project I used my pictures and I decorated my scrapbook with simple decoration. I wrote short sentences about my trips. Finally I chose my trips because I love travelling especially by plane. By Sara The best way to try to understand the world is by looking at it from the most angles possible. -Ari Kiev