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Webinar Discover why you need CRM

  1. In this webinar you’ll learn: • What is CRM? • 4 Signs That You Need A CRM System • What CRM can do for you • 7 Things Businesses Should Look at Before Considering A CRM
  2. There is general agreement that CRM is a game-changing tool that can help businesses scale faster and work smarter. In today’s ever-changing business climate, keeping your customers is important to your organization’s success.
  3. CRM, also known as Customer Relationship Management, is used by successful companies that are looking to grow and make business easier. CRM solutions let your entire team: • Manage contacts, • Share information, • Work more efficiently across sales, service, marketing, and other departments.
  4. POLL
  6. • You start missing, misplacing or can’t find customer data. Spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails, and lists might have been great when your business was in its infancy, but now … not so much. • You don’t know how your sales team is performing. Whether they’re in the office, or on the road it’s essential to know how your sales team is performing, so you can act immediately if needed. • Your customer service is falling short. Winning customers is hard enough, but if your service is subpar, you won’t be able to keep them. • Your marketing and sales teams aren’t working together. These two teams often play the blame game with each other, but it’s essential that they work in tandem to create business efficiency.
  7. The Value of CRM Isn’t In the Product, It’s How You Use It Adoption, adoption, adoption ... What matters is cultural change.
  9. IMPROVE THE DATA YOU HAVE You have data coming in from your sales teams, even if its too much, too fragmented and stored in disparate locations. A CRM system will allow you to manage your data and improve the quality of the data by making it accessible in real-time, connected to a central database, and making it actionable across your company.
  10. TAKE ACTION ON DATA A CRM system can help you get the insights you need to take action on your data. For example, which accounts have been neglected? With a CRM system you can set up activities to activate stagnant accounts. Without such insights, your sales teams are left in the dark and opportunities fall through the cracks.
  11. MANAGE SALES TEAM ACTIVITY What is your sales team up to? Are they making calls to prospects or existing customers? A sales leader can give teams direction to best meet business goals, all within their CRM system. Doing so will align your salespeople to mission critical tasks.
  12. MORE INFORMED DECISION MAKING CRM systems gather the data that you think is important and that you want to change, enabling you to review that data, and make decisions on it. While it can't help you make better decisions, it can help you access the data to make more informed decisions. CRM at its most fundamental is a decision-making tool.
  13. GROW SALES CRM systems can help you grow better managing your sales teams. The key is that activities tracked in your CRM system need to clearly ladder up to the larger goal of increasing sales. If your sales teams is being tracked to increase prospect calls in order to increase territory coverage, it is possible that your CRM system will contribute to increased sales.
  16. 1. SOFTWARE OR CLOUD-BASED? Or, in other words, on-premise or off- premise? Perhaps the most important thing to contemplate first is exactly how much data you need to manage. Cloud computing eliminates having to deal with software issues, and the shared infrastructure means it works much like a utility — you pay for what you need and get automatic upgrades and more without having to install and test run everything.
  17. 2. UNIQUE FEATURES Although the basic focus of every CRM is the same, each individual platform is likely to have its own distinct set of features. Your CRM should come with certain must-haves on your list. See who delivers on their promises, and what system would fit your needs. Everything from lead management and marketing automation to sales data and mobile access should be key factors at decision time.
  18. 3. PRICE/BUDGET You are a business-oriented person, which means that the question that is probably on your mind right now is this: “What’s the CRM going to cost me?” Once you determine your needs, you’ll be able to get a realistic picture of corresponding price points that meet your company’s budget. As with anything else, the “you get what you pay for” rule applies here. So, if you want more support and options, you should be ready to pay for it. Your business is worth it.
  19. Most CRMs are solutions that are customizable to your needs. Customization is simply modifying or expanding the behavior of out-of-the-box functionality. It can be minor, like changing the location of a text screen, or extensive, like creating brand new applications unrelated to sales. When aligning your company with the right CRM, make sure to find out how rich the customization is to meet your needs, both today and down the road. 4. CUSTOMIZATION/PARTNERSHIPS
  20. 5. CUSTOMER SUPPORT A CRM is an investment, and is perhaps one of the most important investments your company will make. Therefore, it’s vital to have consistent information and support at your disposal at all times. From online tools and training, to app development and 24/7 support, reliable customer service should be part of your CRM purchase.
  21. A s y o u r b u s i n e s s g r o w s , t h e relationships you build with your customers needs to grow right along with it. Your CRM needs to have the capacity to scale to the largest of teams, and the architecture behind the service to be able to handle millions of users. You’ll want something to scale as rapidly as you require, so this is another important feature to look for. 6. SCALABILITY
  22. 7. GOOD REVIEWS Finally, get real feedback by considering CRM software reviews from vendors, administrators, and industry experts. Today, you’re faced with a lot of CRM options, so a review may help you narrow down your options. After discussing what makes the most sense with your team, dig into online reviews, keeping in mind that not every CRM is equal.
  24. Earlier this year, Salesforce was named #1 in CRM Applications market share from the International Data Corporation (IDC) in its latest Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker — in fact, it's the fourth year in a row Salesforce has achieved this honor. Salesforce increased its market share in 2016 by more percentage points than the rest of the top ten CRM Applications vendors combined. IDC also ranked Salesforce #1 in 2016 market share for sales applications, customer service applications and, for the first time, marketing applications.
  25. But Salesforce isn't just reimagining CRM for today's digital world — it's preparing companies ever ywhere for a more intelligent future. In 2016, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Einstein, making the world's #1 CRM also the world's smartest CRM with artificial intelligence. With Salesforce Einstein, each customer interaction across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more can be smarter, more personalized, and predictive. Powered by AI, CRM can work smarter, not harder and enable more productive, impactful decision-making.
  26. A predictive experience for customer service, sales and marketing.
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  30. Doble Group, LLC Doble Group, LLC is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on improving commercial business results through CRM solutions and the alignment of the organization, its processes and teams for success. We deliver our services through highly customized consulting, training and coaching programs and the world’s #1 CRM technologies.