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Render Farm Company Deck 2017

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Company Deck of our solutions and services on digiatal art , storytelling, 3D animation, VR (Virtual Reality) and VFX

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Render Farm Company Deck 2017

  1. 1. 3D Animation - VFX - Live Action - VR Digital Art & Story Telling
  2. 2. Overview We give life and movement to our creations achieving a warm personality, human and yet fantastic.
  3. 3. Render Farm Studios is a digital production company headquartered in Mexico City and with representative offices in Miami, Florida, USA. Founded in 2008, Render Farm continuously builds a solid foundation of artistic proposal with technical solutions to produce live action content, animation and VFX for any media platform. Digital content is in our DNA. Committed to our customers and people, and telling original and relevant stories, we continue to evolve as a reliable alternative for audiovisual producers, studios, game developers and advertisers who demand outstanding visual content. Based in Mexico we specialize in content creation, videogame & VR content, cinematic production and 2D/3D art outsourcing.
  4. 4. Project Leaders Fausto Cantú Fernando Campos Fausto Cantú Render Farm CEO and Co-founder. Specialist in transmedia and management for interactive media. Producer of various animation projects, videogames and movies that involve VFX. Twitter: @fcantucantu Co-founder, Teacher, Matte paint artist & Director. Experienced in commercials, film and video games. https://www.artstation.com/win_campos CEO COO
  5. 5. Raúl Campos Zack Rodríguez Co-founder, 3D modeller & Digital Artist. In charge of supervising the 3D animation and Vfx team. https://www.artstation.com/molokoplus Co-Founder, Lead Post producer & Photographer. R&D Post Producer https://www.facebook.com/LightHunterZ/
  6. 6. Our Services 1min Shortfilm for Pixelatl 2017 ANIMATION Highly evocative, emotive and visually attractive sequences done with 3D generated assets.
  7. 7. Some of our projects PS4 “Militant” Intro Cinematic “005 Lab” for Marinela Factories Mobile “Night Vigilante” Intro Cinematic “Gravedad 0” ShortFilm Awarded at the International San Diego Kids Festival 2014
  8. 8. “El Camino” Our upcoming Live Action Short. VFX We integrate live and computer generated images (CGI) to create believable environments.
  9. 9. Some of our projects 7v7 Live Action ShorFilm Vfx El Entrenador Vfx Pepsi NFL clips
  10. 10. “Sophie’s Guardian” VR Shooter for HTC Vive. Steam VR and Ctrl V Canadian Arcades. Videogames, VR, 360 and AR We create games, VR and AR experiences. We offer a turnkey service, from an idea to its implementation. We rent equipment, provide technical support and training.
  11. 11. Some of our projects “Renewal” Stop Motion VR game created with Cinema Fantasma AeroMexico VR Activation PemexVR Personnel Training “Attractio” PS4 Game for Bandai Namco
  12. 12. Videogames, VR, 360 and AR Our team is qualified in different areas of expertise. -Immersive VR applications. -Virtual and augmented reality games. -Simulation training and virtual training solutions. -Solutions for Architectural visualization and Interior Design. -VR Business Solutions. -Marketing activations. -HTC LIVE rentals for BTL experiences and activations. -Rental / right to use VR games. -Hire and engineer facilities for VR -Turnkey technical support. -Training of promoters or sellers. 360 -Videos production. -Coverage. -Aerial coverage with drone. -Photography. -Digital album service. -Advertising Spots. -Short films, documentaries, interviews and guided tours We film, produce, edit and do 360 material post-production, such as video spots, coverages and experiences for VR. We develop interactive applications using Virtual Reality technology for marketing activations, real estate presentations, training and industrial simulation and an endless number of business solutions.
  13. 13. Since we started our Joint Venture with Game Coder Studios, we have been working on high quality projects and disruptive technologies. http://www.gamecoderstudios.com
  14. 14. TRANSMEDIA LIVE ACTION CLOUD RENDERING As a strategy we use the power of narrative with cutting-edge technology to create memorable experiences. In audiovisual production we do location photography, filming and have film facilities with green screen available for rental. We have a 3D cloud rendering platform solution in Spanish. http://cloudrender.com.mx/ The IP created is disseminated through multiple channels and platforms so that the contents will complement and enhance each other providing an experience that immerses the audience. Each media adds something new to the narration.
  16. 16. Contact http://www.renderfarm.com.mx Telephone:(+52) 5556041016 E-mail: ventas@renderfarm.com.mx Twitter: @RenderFarmStudi Facebook: /RenderFarmStudios