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Uber for tutors

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The on demand app for tutor provides us with knowledgeable experts for school students, college goers or students preparing for various entrance exams, in each and every field of studies.
For More Info :https://www.v3cube.com/uber-for-tutors/

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Uber for tutors

  1. 1. • Uber identifies the demand and matches it by supplying the required demand at the shortest time possible. • Be it the demand for taxi, plumber, electrician, doctor or tutor, Uber has professional experts who deliver their service at the most reasonable rates. • The on demand app for tutor provides us with knowledgeable experts for school students, college goers or students preparing for various entrance exams, in each and every field of studies.
  2. 2. Why Uber for Tutors • Children these days are loaded with studies and often opt for private tutorials to cope up with the extreme competition in the educational sector. • Developers understood this requirement and came up with on demand app for tutor, where tutors come at your door step and charge on an hourly basis for their services.
  3. 3. • Uber for tutors have become a direct mode of connection between tutors and the students, where students can lighten the burden of extra studies by availing the knowledge from these bright tutors. • These tutors create their profiles, which are scrutinised by various students to seek help of their professional expertise in any particular subject or lesson. These Uber for tutors are available 24x7 to offer their services and the best part is that they even work on public holidays. • Unlike private tutors, you can hire these tutors for any lesson that you face difficulty in and for any number of days, which means you don’t have to compulsorily hire them for a month. • It thus proves to be very reasonable and pocket friendly, as you just have to pay them on an hourly basis. Just in case, you are not satisfied by the style of teaching of any tutor, you may switch over to the next one.
  4. 4. How to find out tutors via mobile app • There are three different features in the Uber app such as tutors, students and also the premium feature. The usage procedure is very simple, the tutor just has to download the Uber app and create a post for the subject in which they specialize by providing certain details such as their qualification, comfortable location of teaching, suitable timings, and charges per hour for the services delivered, etc.
  5. 5. • They also have the advantage of tracking the history of all the transactions for any credit history, payment or booking history. • And by downloading the app, one can locate the Uber for Tutors in their close vicinity and assess their ratings and view the reviews of varied parents or students on their quality of teaching. Simple and less time consuming isn’t it? • You can then hire them by stating the time, residential address and subject in which you require their professional help. Rate, post reviews and verifies the qualification of the tutors after availing their services. Just rate them as per your satisfaction level, so that the tutors understand the need for improvement in their teaching style. • In this online generation, complicated things have become simpler and save us a lot of time. Avail the services of Uber and fix up your problems immediately in the simplest way.
  6. 6. Student iOS App Student Android App Student Web Panel Tutor iOS App Tutor Website Tutor Android App Tutor Company Web Panel Inclusion Tutor Web Panel
  7. 7. • For anyone who wants to venture into a business that has little hassle but makes a big difference in the lives of students that this is the app for you. Educate the students of the world by digitalising the teaching industry. Run an online school
  8. 8. Thank You Company Name: V3Cube Technolabs LLP Website URL: http://www.v3cube.com/ Email ID: sales@v3cube.com Phone NO: +1 (858) 427-0668