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Iconuk 2016 - IBM Connections adoption Worst practices!

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Regardless if you've implemented IBM Connections, are considering it or in the middle of the planning stages - there are wrong (and right) turns to take at every step. Join Femke to learn about misconceptions and tribulations others have faced while striving to become a socially enabled company. Hear about real World examples and often funny anecdotes from the trenches of adoption to show you how NOT to do it and giving you tips on how to do it better along the way.
Walk away with a grasp on what to focus on to make a success out of your IBM Connections environment.

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Iconuk 2016 - IBM Connections adoption Worst practices!

  1. 1. Make Your Data Work for IBM Connections Adoption Worst Practices! Femke Goedhart Business Consultant @FemkeGoedhart
  2. 2. Make Your Data Work for Congratulations, your organization has chosen to go social! Now what?!?
  3. 3. Success of social enterprise networking is… Purpose Strategy + People Skills + relationships Tools Software Adoption?
  4. 4. Most important factor for realizing Value 2009 NEOCHANGE, SANDHILL.COM AND THE TSIA 72% 7% 6% 15% 2009 Effective User Adoption Organizational Change Proces Alignment Software Functionality 70% 16% 13% 1% 2008 Effective User Adoption Organizational Change Proces Alignment Software Functionality
  5. 5. Make Your Data Work for You In reality though….
  6. 6. Make Your Data Work for You Bring it and they will come
  7. 7. Rogers Curve
  8. 8. • Dozens of features... • Additional Add-ons • Multiple plug-ins and modes... How does that work exactly?!?
  9. 9. Bring it and they will come... How it looks in real life Start One dept starts experimenting with it MGT announcement about strategic choice for the platform Adoption program is started New employee starts with previous knowledge of the platform Summer holidays
  10. 10. Tips • You HAVE to train – On strategy & – On tooling! • Use cases link strategy & tools • Blog & promote success stories • Train, promote and support Champions
  11. 11. Make Your Data Work for You Ehhh... Am I alone here?
  12. 12. …<Crickets>….
  13. 13. Push / Pull Intranet IBM Connections
  14. 14. Tips • Create clear navigation towards help and training resources for new users • Offer training & explain the goals and purpose of the platform • Pre-populate by making new users a member of welcome/onboarding community • Ask coworkers to connect with the new employee • Follow up
  15. 15. Make Your Data Work for You We support this 100%!
  16. 16. Management commitment • Large organization • Management buys in to the ‘hype’... Social it is! • Big announcement, everyone needs to use the platform! • Adoption gets underway
  17. 17. A user raises a question regarding a sales strategy A healthy (and respectful) discussion follows CSO Result: Distrust, fear of openness and total shutdown of any public discussion
  18. 18. Tips • Organizational readiness needs to be a topic • Management buy in needs to be more than just slogans • Address fears • Discuss the potential risks and how to mitigate/handle them • Help MGT understand how to react
  19. 19. Make Your Data Work for You Let’s lock that down!
  20. 20. Let’s lock that down! • IBM Connections chosen to stimulate collaboration • IT Admin is asked to take the lead in implementing the tools…. – Firewalls – VPN’s – Mobile restrictions – Groups – Private communities – Communities creation on request….
  21. 21. Communities ? Internet access
  22. 22. Tips • Create a panel to discuss the aim and direction of the platform that represents all stakeholders as well as (but not lead by) IT, Security and Compliance • Train & communicate on corporate responsibility • Monitor what’s happening & correct if needed • Use ‘situations where it went wrong’ as lessons and communicate them • Invoke and trust on peer-correction
  23. 23. Make Your Data Work for You Right! That was a succesful project!
  24. 24. Situation • Large organization • First roll out ‘guerilla style’ • Quickly followed by in depth adoption program with several departments and people involved. Video’s, training, road shows, blogs, use case identification….. • Nearly 90% of users hits the platform daily • Adoption is declared ‘a big success!’ • Adoption is taken up into main stream tasks of organizational department responsible for organizational training & development…
  25. 25. We only do process alignment training We implemented a new release with great new features! Can you go update the training materials?! Ok, so take it up in that! We don’t do features though… Well you got all the budget for all adoption tasks & training assigned to you…. <shrug> We don’t feel responsible for it plus we fired everyone who knew about it, after all that project was done two years ago… …….&$#
  26. 26. Tips • Adoption is an ongoing thing • Train both on strategy, the process as well as on features • Adoption is a shared responsibility, assign money and assets accordingly
  27. 27. Make Your Data Work for You We are successful! We think....
  28. 28. Situation • Large organization (10.000+ users) • Lots of effort into adoption • Nice graphs showing uptake • 90% daily ‘hit’ rate on Connections… 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Percentage logged in
  29. 29. Reality…. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Percentage logged in Reality…..
  30. 30. • Measure but verify against reality too • Analyze your data • Use tools that can help you obtain these data points
  31. 31. Make Your Data Work for You We trust you but we don’t!
  32. 32. Situation • Mid-size company 1000 users • Strong need for collaboration across global offices • Also a big need to collaborate external • Connections implemented • And then security & compliance got involved...
  33. 33. “Please print, sign and return before end of day” Rules & Regulations for appropriate use of external communication systems Web systems for social networking and electronic messaging--i.e., IBM Connections, Sametime, etc. --have become readily available to promote communication. The following policy for the appropriate use of each external system applies. Failure to obey by these rules can lead to immediate dismissal or serious reprimand. Personnel engaged in official activity who are either planning to use or actually using external systems must keep in mind these principles, tailor their actions accordingly, and verify any and all related questions as they arise with the compliance officer. Non-negotiable constraints (and implications) 1. Federal (FERPA) and state records laws prohibit communication of information related to a individuals personal record of any kind absent the individual’s; consent in a manner that exposes such information to a third party. Communication from a staff member to a customer, partner or vendor on an externally accessible system potentially exposes the communication to third parties (external community members). If the communication does not include legally-protected information, no problem arises; if it includes legally protected information, the use of the external facing system for communication purposes violates FERPA and state law, and subjects the person initiating the communication to potentially severe sanctions including termination of employment. 2. Federal law and health information privacy statutes prohibit communication of information related to any individual's personal record information in the same way FERPA protects privacy information. The same precautions apply with regard to health information as to education records. 3. Federal and state law mandate that the organization must have the capability and capacity to capture, archive, discover, and produce on demand copies of any official communications made by organizations personnel as part of assigned duties. Communication done via an external system typically cannot meet these requirements because the external system currently does not provide archival and retrieval capabilities to users or to the organization. Personnel is therefore bound to take adequate measures to store important information in the official record systems. IBM Connections may be used as a secondary communication channel (where the primary channel supports capture and such) but must not used as the sole or primary communication channel for official business. 4. State law prohibits communications about individual personnel evaluations or performance absent the employee's consent……..
  34. 34. Tips • Determine the main rules & regulations -> Do you need to reinforce or are they part of existing contract & regulations already? • Communicate Guidelines! • You are changing your org, allow for some room to discover best practices • Talk about responsibilities, not ‘consequences’ • Trust • (But monitor)
  35. 35. Make Your Data Work for You It’s all about strategy!!
  36. 36. But... It’s not all about strategy alone
  37. 37. Situation • Org with about 750 users • Lots of effort into communicating a new strategy of collaboration • Emphasis on openness, knowledge sharing • No instruction or explanation on which tools are provided for that or how these can help them do that….
  38. 38. Where are you?
  39. 39. Tips • Communicate the strategy but also the means • Promote the tools you are envisioning for your collaboration • Provide use cases that highlight how the tools can help • Retire competing products • Block competing tools?
  40. 40. Make Your Data Work for You Gaming the system
  41. 41. Situation • International org with about 400 users • Bonus system introduced to drive usage of the new platform • Lots of positive attention for ‘winners’ • Most ‘prolific’ user of the month gets a bonus
  42. 42. Mmm…. I can post that • …. As a blog • …. As a bookmark • …. As an Activity Entry Bingo! Image source: http://www.gobloggingtips.com/words-to-remove-from-blog-posts/
  43. 43. “Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave. If you measure me in an illogical way… do not complain about illogical behavior…” Eli Goldratt
  44. 44. Tips • Use gamification to promote good behavior but measure effect, not ‘actions’ • ‘Hard’ numbers alone don’t tell the whole story • Be careful using physical incentives • Respect that not everyone will be able to use it (sensitive information, etc) • Think about what you really want to stimulate and communicate that
  45. 45. Make Your Data Work for You So, how then?
  46. 46. “Seek success, not the greater use of IBM Connections” Doing business with IBM Connections, Michael Sampson “Don’t expect an application to work in an context in which its assumptions are not valid” Eli Goldratt
  47. 47. Success of social enterprise networking is… Purpose Strategy + Structure People Skills + relationships Tools Software
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