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  1. ARTS OF RENAISSANCE PERIOD Preparedby: Daniel M.Alcazarin ScienceT eacherI T alanganIntegratedNational HighSchool
  2. RENAISSANCE PERIOD (1400-1600) • Renaissance-was theperiodof economicprogress.Theperiodstirred enthusiasm for studyof ancient philosophy andartisticvalues. • Italian Renaissancebeganin thelate 14thcentury.It wasaneraofgreat artistic andintellectual achievementwith thebirth of secularart. • Renaissanceart wascharacterizedbyaccurate anatomy, scientific perspective, anddeeper landscape. • Renaissancepainters depictedreal-life figures andtheir sculpture andbalance.
  4. MICHELANGELO DI LODOVICO BUONARROTI SIMONI(1475-1564) MichelangelowasanItaliansculptor, painter, architect, andpoet. Hewas consideredthegreatest livingartist inhis lifetime, andever sincethenhewas consideredasoneofthegreatestartists of all time.Anumber of hisworksin paintings,sculpture,andarchitecturerank amongthefamousinexistence.
  5. PIETA • Pieta, is theportrayalof pain that hadalways beenconnected with theidea of redemptionas represent bytheseated Madonnaholding Christ’s bodyin herarms. • Michelangeloconvinceshimselfandhisspectatorsofthedivinequalityandthesignificanceofthese figures bymeansof earthly andperfectbeauty,butofcourse, thesearehuman standards.
  6. DAVID
  7. DAVID • It isa 5.17-metre(17.0ft) marblestatueofa standingmalenude.The statue representstheBiblical heroDavid,afavouredsubject in theart of Florence.Originally commissionedasoneof aseriesof statuesof prophets tobepositionedalongthe roofline oftheeastendof Florence Cathedral, thestatuewasplacedinstead in apublic square,outsidethePalazzoVecchio,theseatofcivic governmentin Florence, in the Piazza della Signoria whereit wasunveiledonSeptember8th, 1504.
  8. BACCHUS(1496-1497) Isamarblesculpture.Thestatueis somewhat over-sizedanddepictsBacchus theRomangodof wine,inareelingpose suggestiveof drunkenness. Bacchusisdepictedwithrollingeyes. Sitting behindhimis afaun,whoeatsthebunchof grapesslippingout of Bacchus'sleft hand. Withits swollenbreastandabdomen,both theslendernessof ayoungmanandthe fleshinessandroundnessof womanare portrayed.
  9. DYINGSLAVE-IN • DyingSlaveseemsto besinkingintoadeepsleep.Farfromdying,thefigure in Michelangelo’sDyingSlaveseemsto beabandoninghimselftotheeffects ofanintoxicant. Little resistanceis shownin thesilkycontoursof thearchedback,extendedleftarms,and relaxedabdomen. • Michelangelovisualizedthefiguresasimprisonedin thehugeblocksof marble,andonlyby carefully removingtheexcessstonecouldhefree them.Intheircreation,andin their final impact,thetwoslavesmaysymbolizedthesoul’sstruggleagainstthebondsof temptationand sin.
  11. DAWN Dawn istheonlyfemalenude Michelangelo ever sculpted.Ayouthfullysmooth, yet powerful bodyturnstowards theobserver. Hefeatures arebynomeansserene: thedarkeyesare deepset intheir shadowy sickest. Shewearsa turbanandabandaroundher chest inthestyle of slaves’garments.
  12. DUSK • In the spirit of an allegory of time, the deceased were coupled with figures representing the times of the day whose gender was determined by Italian grammar, The thoughtful figures of Dusk and Dawn are endowed with soft outlines as they gracefully adorn the edge of the sarcophagus.
  14. LEONARDODI SER PIERODA VINCI (1452-1519) • Leonardo Da Vinci-was a painter, architect, scientist, and mathematician. He was popularized in present times through the novel and movie, “Da Vinci Code.” • He is known as the ultimate “Renaissance man” because of his intellect, interest, talent, and his expression of humanist and classical values.
  15. TheLastSupperisa late15th-centurymuralpaintingby Leonardo da Vinci in therefectory of theConventof SantaMaria delle Grazie,Milan. It is oneof theworld's most famouspaintings. THE LAST SUPPER (the most reproduced religious painting of all time)
  16. MONALISA • The Mona Lisaisa half-lengthportrait of awomanbytheItalianartist LeonardodaVinci, whichhasbeen acclaimedas"thebest known, themost visited, themost writtenabout, the most sungabout, themost parodied workof art intheworld (the most famous and most parodied portrait)
  17. THE VIRTRUVIAN MAR TheVitruvianMarisapenandinkdrawingdoneonpaper with awashover metal-point accompaniedbyhandwritten notes.In the drawing, twomalefigures aresuperimposed uponeachother.Thefigures are shownwith armsandlegs extended indifferingdegrees ofextension.One figure showsthelegsslightly apartandthearmsextendedstraight out fromtheshoulders. Theother figureshowsthelegs moderatelyspreadandthearms extendedpartwayabove theshoulders. Inbothfigures, theheadandtorsoare completelysuperimposed.Themalefiguresareinscribed withinacircle andasquare,showingthegeometric proportionof thehumanbody .
  18. THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI FromtheMattheanVulgateLatin sectionAMagisAdoraturis thenametraditionallygivento thesubjectin theNativityif Jesusin artin whichthethreeMagi,representedaskings, especiallyin theWest,havingfoundJesusbyfollowingstar,laybeforehimgifts of gold, frankincense,andmyrrh,andworshiphim.Onenteringthehouse,theysawthechildwith Maryhismother;andtheykneltdownandpaidhimhomage.
  20. VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS IsthenameusedfortwopaintingsbyLeonardodaVinci,ofthesame subject, andof acompositionwhich is identical exceptfor severalsignificantdetails.The versiongenerally consideredthe prime version,that is theearlier of thetwo, hangsinTheLouvrein Paris andtheotherin theNational Gallery,London.The paintings arebothnearly 2metres(over 6feet)highandarepaintedin oils. Both paintings show the Madonna and Child Jesus with the infant John the Baptist and an angel, in a rocky setting which gives the paintings their usual name.
  21. RAFFAELLO SANZIO DA URBINO Raphael wasanItalianpainter and architect of theHighRenaissancePeriod. Hisworkswasadmired for itsclarityof formsandeaseof compositionandfor its visualachievementofinterpretingthe DivineandincorporatingChristian doctrines. URBINO(Raphael) (1483-1520)
  22. THE SISTINE MADONNA TheMadonnaholdsherchild asshefloatson aswirlingcarpet of clouds, sheisflankedby St.Sixtus andSt. Barbara.Atthefort of the paintingaretwoangels(cherubs) whogazein wistfull contemplation.Therehasbeenlots of speculationabout thesadness, or even petrifiedexpressionsonthefaceof theVirgin andtheinfant Jesus.
  23. THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS ReferstoafamousfrescopaintedbyRaphaelin theApostolicPalaceinVaticanCity. Thefresco waspaintedbetween 1510 and1511 andisone of four frescoespaintedbyRaphael intherooms nowknownasthe“Stanzedi Raffaello”.Schoolof Athenswasthesecondfrescocompletedinthe roomanddepictsRaphael’sinterpretationof philosophyasabranchof knowledge. Showinga gatheringof Greekphilosophersengagedin variousactivities,thefrescoisconsideredaprime exampleof HighRenaissanceart andconsidered Raphael'smasterpiece.
  24. THE TRANSFIGURATION Thetransfiguration of Jesusis anevent reportedintheNewT estament whenJesus is transfiguredandbecomesradiant in glory uponamountain. It wasRaphael’slast paintingonwhichhe workedonuptohisdeath.
  25. WasanearlyRenaissancesculptorfromFlorence. Heisknownfor hisworkinbas-relief, aformof shallowrelief sculpture. Hestudiedclassical sculpture, andusedthistodevelopafully Renaissancestyleinsculpture, whoseperiodsin Rome.Heworkedinstone, bronze, wood,clay , stuccoandwax, andhadseveral assistants, with fourperhapsbeingatypicalnumber.Thoughhis best-knownworksweremostlystatuesintheround, hedevelopedanew , veryshallow , typeof bas- relief forsmallworks,andagooddealofhisoutput waslarger architectural reliefs. DONATO DI NICCOLO DI BETTO BARDI (Donatello) (1386-1466)
  26. DAVIDSTATUE • Davidisthetitleof twostatuesof thebiblical heroDavidbythe ItalianearlyRenaissance sculptor Donatello. Theyconsist of anearly workinmarbleof aclothed figure (1408-09), andafar more famousbronzefigurethat isnude between itshelmet andboots, and datestothe1430s or later. Both arenowinthe MuseoNazionale del Bargello inFlorence.
  27. STATUE OF ST.GEORGE • Donatello carvedhis statueof St. Georgefor theguild of armorersandswordmakersinFlorence. Likethe statueof St.Mark, thestatueof St.Georgewas destined for theguild’s niche inthebuilding of Orsanmichele. Because theguild wasof average size, it couldonly affordastatueof marble, rather than of bronze. • St.Georgewasthepatronsaint of thearmorer’sguild andwasknownasamilitary figure, onewhowaswell- knownintheByzantineEast, but whowasalsoknown bytheCrusaders whobattledMuslimforcesintheHoly Land.
  28. EQUESTRIAN MONUMENT OF GATTAMELATA IsasculpturebyItalianearlyRenaissance artist Donatello,datingfrom1453locatedin thePiazzadelSantoin Padua,Italy,today.It portraystheRenaissancecondottiero Erasmo daNarni, knownas"Gattamelata", who servedmostlyundertheRepublicof Venice, whichruled Paduaat thetime.
  29. PROPHETHABACUC • LoZuccone isamarblestatuethat depicts the Biblical prophet Habakkuk. It wasacommissioned workfor theDuomoinFlorence andwas completedbetween 1423-1425. ThenameZuccone originatedfromthelongand angular shapeof thefigure's headandtranslates inItalianas"pumpkin."Thespectacularly life-like statueisfraught withtension andcladinthe flowing robesthat aretypical of most of Donatello's prophets. His faceis tilted slightly downwhichgives thefigureahumbleexpression uponhisgaunt face.
  30. THE FEAST OF HEROD • The Feast of Herod is a bronze relief sculpture created by Donatello circa 1427. It appears on the baptistry of the Siena Cathedral in Italy. It is one of Donatello's earliest relief sculptures, and his first bronze relief. • The Feast of Herod is a bronze panel (60 by 60 centimeters) made by Donatello around 1427. Donatello tells the story of John the Baptist's death in the sculpture. It shows John the Baptist's head getting served to King Herod by his assassin.
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