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5 Pillars of Innovation

  1. 1. The 5 Pillars of Innovation
  2. 2. “If you don’t have a common vernacular, if you don’t have a common culture, if you don’t have the same frame of reference…then you lose the scalability and the impact of having one program, one mindset and one social movement” Dan Seewald Senior Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer Head of the Dare to Try Initiative
  3. 3. Structure Skills StrategyCulture Tools
  4. 4. Innovation Culture
  5. 5. Culture is the way things are done around here. It influences the way organisations and people think about and behave creativily. It shapes ways of working, either lubricating or blocking the intentions of systems and processes
  6. 6. Psychological Safety A Tolerance for Failure A Willingness to Experiment Collaboration Cultural Flatness
  7. 7. Emphasise Speed & Agility
  8. 8. Measure & Motivate your Intrapreneurs
  9. 9. Incentivise Innovation with Rewards and Time
  10. 10. Think like a Venture Capitalist (VC)
  11. 11. Build Networks across your Ecosystem - Stay Open
  12. 12. Balance Operational Excellence with Innovation-focused Culture
  13. 13. Building and Institutionalising a Culture of Innovation is very complex PARADOXES & DILEMMAS
  14. 14. Innovation Paradoxes Affirming the individual and the group Supporting and confronting Fostering experimentation, learning & failure and demanding performance Promoting improvisation and structure Showing patience and urgency Encouraging bottom-up initiative and intervening top-down
  15. 15. Innovation Strategy
  16. 16. Innovation Strategy is about how you allocate your creative resources
  17. 17. Innovation Ambition Matrix
  18. 18. Innovation Strategy is about how much to invest in core, adjacent, transformational innovation activities
  19. 19. How much to invest in exploitative versus explorative innovation activities
  20. 20. Innovation Landscape Map
  21. 21. How much to invest in routine, radical, disruptive, architectural innovation activities
  22. 22. The Strategic Innovation Options Matrix maps the choices available
  23. 23. Performance Measurement
  24. 24. Innovation Structure
  25. 25. Innovation Structure is about how best to organize your people to implement your chosen innovation strategy
  26. 26. Temporary Project Teams (Disciplined Collaboration)
  27. 27. Innovation Committee (Community of Practice)
  28. 28. Line-and-Staff
  29. 29. Innovation Skills
  30. 30. Innovation Tools
  31. 31. Design Thinking Human-Centered Approach to Problem-Solving
  32. 32. Empathy Define Ideate Prototype Test Observation (fly-on-the-wall, hangout, shadow, impersonate) Ethnographic Conversations Desk Research Affinity Mapping Empathy Mapping Journey Mapping Point-of-View Statements Sketches & Role-Play Physical Mockups Digital Prototypes Functioning Prototypes Testing User Actions Testing Sales Actions Creative (Hybrid) Brainstorming What Bugs You? Association What’s Next? What-If? Look Sideways
  33. 33. Empathy Define IdeatePrototype Test
  34. 34. "travelers want to hang out with other travelers" or "travelers want to do high-quality non-touristy things"
  35. 35. don’t fall in love with your first idea
  36. 36. Impacts & Blockers
  37. 37. Lean Startup
  38. 38. Iterate PIVOT
  39. 39. Business Model Innovation
  40. 40. A business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value
  41. 41. Key Creative Leadership Challenges
  42. 42. Domination of Core Business over Growth Engines
  43. 43. Access to Customers
  44. 44. Creative Leadership Roles
  45. 45. The EXPLORER who paints a picture of where they need to head and lead the team toward it
  46. 46. The GARDENER who nurtured and creates an environment for their people to be creative in
  47. 47. The PLAYER COACH who has hands-on experience and applies it to a creative challenge
  48. 48. The 5 Pillars of Innovation

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