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Paralegal Victim of Workplace Bullying by Diva Lawyer

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Paralegal Victim of Workplace Bullying by Diva Lawyer

  1. 1. Paralegal Victim of Workplace Bullying by Diva LawyerThe following article published on Paralegal Training and Jobs blog. A law office worker wrote to Anchorage DailyNews advise column about a sad incident that got out of hand, and that may very well be typicalto certain law offices. Read the facts below: Until this morning, I worked for three diva lawyers -- all male. Each expects the staff to bump the other two lawyers work for their projects and throws a snit fit when he needs something done and those of us "here to serve" cant make ourselves immediately available. This morning, the meanest of them, "John," threw a last-minute assignment on my desk, curtly ordering me to "finish this by 12 noon." I was slamming through two other rush projects and said, "No can do." Before I could explain, John lunged toward me cursing loudly. He had his fists raised and was almost on top of me with one fist an inch from my nose. I panicked, jumped out of my chair and headed for the door. John got between me and the door and pointed at the desk, yelling, "Sit down and do it!" I was terrified. Johns a big man. My legs were shaking so hard I could hardly move. Just then the office manager walked by with two clients. John heard them and stalked off. After the office manager took the clients to the conference room, she returned and asked me, "What was that all about?" "That," I said, "was my last minute working here." She interviewed me and then told me it was my fault for saying "No way." I am completely done and furious. Ive been looking online for how to sue them. My friends say Im out of my mind to sue a law firm, but its not right what happened. 1/2
  2. 2. We all know that handling difficult attorneys can be very difficult, but whats your opinion about the assaulting attorney and his conduct? Do you think the worker should sue the lawyer? Original story: Paralegal Victim of Workplace Bullying by Diva Lawyer 2/2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)