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Accessing Enterprise Content with Mobile Search

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Enterprise Search could become a cost-efficient enabler to make enterprise content available on mobile devices. Both for internal and external content.

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Accessing Enterprise Content with Mobile Search

  1. 1. ACCESSING ENTERPRISECONTENT WITH MOBILE SEARCH October 2012 – Christian Ubbesen, Findwise
  2. 2. Enterprise Search is the Enabler Enterprise Search could become a cost-efficient enabler to make enterprise content available on mobile devices. For employees For customers Internal content External content
  3. 3. Challenges • Making enterprise content available for reading on mobile devices, to increase employee productivity • Giving employees access to modern IT-tools, the same tools they are used to having at home (Google search, SmartPhone apps) • Secure access to content
  4. 4. Goal Make content FINDABLE and READABLE on mobile devices.
  5. 5. The road to making enterprise content available in mobile devices starts with Enterprise Search...
  6. 6. From Enterprise Search to Search as a Service Search Engine Content Invest once – utilize many times
  7. 7. Finding and Reading content? Search EngineIt’s already in the search index! Content
  8. 8.  We now have a repository of all enterprise content. What about mobile access to the Enterprise Search system?
  9. 9. Going mobile... Security first. Mobile search app could be made available over encrypted tunnel to the intranet. Example solution: Good.com Internal InternetSearch Engine Content
  10. 10.  Enterprise Search platform in place!  Mobile access framework in place!Let’s make the content FINDABLE and READABLE...
  11. 11. Mobile FINDABILITY • Small screen ... • Limited input capabilities ... What are the Best Practice from other mobile apps?
  12. 12. Autocomplete
  13. 13. Categorized Search Results
  14. 14. Saved Searches & Recent Searches
  15. 15. Saved Searches
  16. 16. Sorting
  17. 17. Filtering
  18. 18. Geo Search Result
  19. 19. Different types of query input fields
  20. 20. Controlled Vocabularies / Taxonomies
  21. 21. Creating conditional filters Advanced queries: ”search expression” AND Company contains {3M, AES, AFLAC} AND Profits > USD 1000000 ...
  22. 22. Spotify – Starring, Sharing
  23. 23. Push notification Push: ”A new document that you should read is now available on the intranet ...”
  24. 24. Now we’re finding the information, what about reading it?
  25. 25. READING the information Enterprise Search functionality for easy reading of content on mobile devices:  Converting Office and PDF documents to HTML  Automatic summarization of content  Or just act as content distributor
  26. 26. HTML Example – Google ”View as HTML”
  27. 27. Automatic summarization
  28. 28. Automatic summarization
  29. 29. That’s it!  All content gathered in enterprise search index  Mobile devices can access the search platform  Content is easily Findable  Content is easily Readable
  30. 30. How to develop – Native app vs Web app
  31. 31. Findability Architecture – Typical solution
  32. 32. Christian Ubbesen christian.ubbesen@findwise.com Subscribe to the Findability Blog:http://www.findwise.com/blog/