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Everything is Terrifying

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Presented at FITC Toronto 2019
More info at www.fitc.ca/toronto

Michael Fullman
VT Pro Design

An exploration of the process of creation. We live in a time where technology and inspiration are more readily available and accessible than ever before. That being said we also live in a time that mostly highlights the successes of projects and process. In this particular talk Michael wants to touch on the process of creation with technology at VT Pro, to further explore a full circle approach to inspiration and creation where often times our next project is inspired by something learned in the process of creating something else.

By exploring what went wrong and what went right in a number of different projects he’s created, Michael will touch on points where inspiration can be found in this world of seemingly endless technology; the importance of collaboration; what can be learned from the moments that don’t necessarily go as planned; and how often projects come close to failure than the audience ever knows. Lastly he wants to touch on the process of finding personal inspiration to inspire an audience, and the momentum to push further that comes from their energy.

Things often don’t go as planned, but often that’s the fun part.

Target Audience
Creative technologists and experience designers

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
Collaborative process
Giving personality to a piece of technology
How to learn from the unexpected
We all start somewhere (the journey is just as important as the destination)
Everything is possible now

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Everything is Terrifying

  1. 1. Everything is Terrifying
  2. 2. Things often don't go as planned, and often, that's the fun part.
  4. 4. MINI CITY
  7. 7. SO WHAT
  8. 8. Taking Risks
  9. 9. Learning from risks
  10. 10. CREATIVE Technology
  11. 11. We all start somewhere
  12. 12. Experiment
  13. 13. Collaboration
  14. 14. THE TEAM