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The Imperfect Storm: A Survival Guide To Your Creative Drive

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Presented at CAMP 2018 on Sept 10-11, 2018

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The world is saturated with ideas about creativity: brainstorming exercises, design thinking practices, writer’s block antidotes, and access points to your inner artist. This is presentation is not one of those.

Instead, this is a survival guide: how can a creative person manage their creative drive? How can they combine their natural and not-so-natural skills to improve their performance? How can they create with more efficiency, effectiveness and effervescence?

Discover your own creative style, and empower yourself to take (more) control of your creative projects.

Target Audience
Creative professionals and amateurs alike

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
How to look more closely at your own creative style
How to discern what drives you creatively
How to switch your own creative mode to get more done, do better work, and be more original
How to tell the difference between creative obsession and infatuation
How to limit your own creative shortcomings

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