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  1. 1. TM Chris Fitzgerald Walsh @fitzwalsh
  2. 2. How do you do?
  3. 3. What do you do?
  4. 4. Will do
  5. 5. Can do!
  6. 6. I do
  7. 7. That’ll do
  8. 8. TM
  9. 9. Verb Perform an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified do
  10. 10. Those that can, do. Those that can’t, Teach. do
  11. 11. over. Do
  12. 12. TM
  13. 13. TM good
  14. 14. Do it now!
  15. 15. Do like a startup
  16. 16. Enemies of DO Friends of DO Committees Teams Big Bets Small Bets Multi-tasking Focus Plan Prototype Slow Fast Status Quo Disrupt
  17. 17. Do is not impulsive
  18. 18. Do it! Compilation Full Scene
  19. 19. Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden
  20. 20. urgency personal simplicity universal
  21. 21. Do or do not. There is no try. Yoda
  22. 22. You must unlearn what you have learned
  23. 23. Special thanks to one of my favorite “DOers” - Elliot Washor
  24. 24. Learning by doing is the only learning that sticks
  25. 25. Do like a startup school ∧
  26. 26. Re-kindle your passion Don’t give up… change the world
  27. 27. Flatten your org Don’t evaluate teachers… mentor them Don’t visit classrooms… collaborate with kids
  28. 28. Take risks Don’t fear failure… embrace it
  29. 29. Make stuff Don’t plan a pilot.. build prototypes
  30. 30. Focus on learning Don’t test… learn by doing
  31. 31. Do it now Don’t wait… lives are at stake
  32. 32. TM Chris Fitzgerald Walsh @fitzwalsh

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Education needs a Do over.
  • Time to make DO the mark of our trade.
  • We do lots of things… but we especially do GOOD.

  • But we can do more… a lot more.. and we need to do it now!

    The world has changed. We have already made a change from the world of know to the world of do.

    You've heard all the quotes... Jobs not invented today... Blah blah blah ... Not here to tell you about the future... I'm here to tell you about today...

    What you know doesn't matter anymore... Oh it may have mattered at some point... When you got into college it mattered... When you were getting your first job - esp teaching - it probably mattered... When you got up and have your first speech or training session or keynote it may have mattered a little... But not anymore. What you know has been replaced with what you can do.

  • Sounds trite and cliche I'm sure... But let me tell you about what I do now and who I do it with...

    I've been you... Well educated... Teacher who became a tech coordinator , designed and led large training programs, managed teams of people designing curriculum and programs that impact thousands and thousands of people... But now I work at Zaption - a tiny little Ed tech startup in private beta... And we will soon release a cool little tool to help teachers turn existing videos into an interactive learning tool. Cool. I think we're doing something great and hopefully others will agree. But who I do it with is even more interesting. Pic of team... Names... Age... Education... They are building it, shaping it, breaking it everyday. There average age is 24 and only half have college degrees and on average they make twice as much as a starting teacher. Why? Because they do. They code. They create. And they are not abnormalities. Charlie is a their fellow - pic - that's him ... Etc. and we work in a place called RocketSpace which has 150 companies - all small startups - and the ave age there is maybe a little higher at 28. And they are all doers changing the world.

    You see .. We are the dinosaurs... And we need to adapt fast or we'll be stuck I'm the tar pits. But this isn't about age.. It's about knowing vs doing.

    These guys don't have decades of experience or lots of degrees… they do. That's typical. We all were like that at their age. But they also don't care. But now hey have smartphones and Google Glass to help them with all that stuff we memorized. All the matters is what they can do.

  • We try a lot of new things. A lot. But are we getting things done?

    Why do we have such trouble DOing in education?

    * Fear of failure
    * Fear of judgement
    * Fear of embarassment
    * Fear of messing-up kids lives
    * Fear of losing our jobs
    * Fear of parents! : )