12 Gifts of Digital Health: How Futuristic Technologies Changed Healthcare and Medicine in 2014

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1 Dec 2014

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12 Gifts of Digital Health: How Futuristic Technologies Changed Healthcare and Medicine in 2014

  1. 12 Gifts of Digital Health A Look Back at How Mobile, Big Data, Genomics and Other Digital Health Technologies Helped Patients, Doctors, Caregivers and All of Us in 2014 Developed By Fard Johnmar Digital Health Futurist, Bestselling Author, ePatient 2015, Founder & President of Enspektos
  2. When People Consider How Digital Technologies Will Influence Health, They Often Assume That Most Significant Changes Will Take Place Over Years or Decades
  3. But, Digital Technologies Are Influencing Health and Medicine in Profound and Often Non-Obvious Ways, Today
  4. Let’s Take a Look Back at 12 Gifts Digital Health Technologies Gave Us During the Year That Was
  5. These 12 Digital Health Gifts Are Organized into 6 Categories The Gift of Life The Gift of Knowledge The Gift of Connection The Gift of Hope The Gift of Movement The Gift of Time
  6. The Gift of Time Reducing Time to Diagnosis and Speeding Patients’ Access to Vital Health Information
  7. Some of the Digital Health Technologies Powering the Gift of Time Big Data Genomics Social Media Big (or large) data sets are being collected and analyzed to provide important information about the biology of disease, medical research and more. Researchers have made advances in using DNA and other genetic information to quickly identify viruses and bacteria that contribute to disease. Social media contains a wealth of information about medical research, newly approved drugs and more that can be mined to provide personalized and relevant health information to patients.
  8. Digital Health Gift #1 Diagnosing Disease Cheaper and Faster Using a Single Drop of Blood Theranos is a digitally-powered lab testing company. It uses a combination of Big Data, genetic information and computational power to deliver accurate, speedy diagnoses at lower cost than traditional testing methods
  9. Digital Health Gift #2 Helping Patients With Serious Medical Conditions Access Accurate Online Health Information Quickly Medivizor’s technology allows patients to receive personalized, relevant and actionable online health information without relying on search engines like Google.
  10. The Gift of Movement Helping the Paralyzed Walk and Amputees Experience Touch Again
  11. Technologies Powering the Gift of Movement Big Data Sensors Some of the Digital Health Big data sets are collected from individuals and groups to help provide baseline information on individual or group physical performance. Sensors embedded into devices provide a feedback loop of data that helps computer-powered machines understand where they are in physical space and more.
  12. Digital Health Gift #3 Using Exoskeletons to Walk Again Ekso has developed a series of computer and sensor-aided bionic exoskeletons, which are approved by health authorities around the world (including the FDA) for people with paralysis.
  13. Digital Health Gift #4 Amputees Can Touch Objects and Others Prosthetic limbs packed with sensors and connected to the human nervous system allow amputees to touch objects and engage in complex tasks such as picking up fruits and grasping other people.
  14. The Gift of Connection Treating Mental Illness, Improving Access to Physicians
  15. Secure and private video teleconferencing allows for digital communication between patients and medical professionals. SMS, push notifications and other mobile technologies enable patients to communicate with clinicians about sensitive issues in real time. Telemedicine Mobile Some of the Digital Health Technologies Powering the Gift of Connection
  16. Digital Health Gift #5 Mobile-Powered Therapy Service Helps People Get Help They Need Remotely Talkspace has developed a mobile therapy solution that is helping more than 70,000 people receive help for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses remotely and on-demand.
  17. Digital Health Gift #6 Telemedicine (Video Consults With Doctors) is Helping Reduce Wait Times and Improve Care Although questions remain about whether telemedicine will lead to widespread improvements in care and reductions in wait times in the National Health Service, evidence is mounting that it can help certain types of patients and even save lives (such as in stroke).
  18. The Gift of Knowledge Improving Physicians’ Understanding and Preventing Medical Errors
  19. Some of the Digital Health Technologies Powering the Gift of Knowledge Big Data Genomics Big (or large) data sets are being collected and analyzed to provide important information about the biology of disease, medical research and other topics. Researchers have learned that genetic differences between patients can influence how well medications work, their side effects and much more. Powered by Big Data and powerful analytics, super computers are developing the ability to learn and react based on experience. Artificial Intelligence
  20. Digital Health Gift #7 Providing Patients’ Genetic Data When Drugs Are Being Prescribed May Prevent Harmful Side Effects Medical professionals need data they can use to shape care — in real time. ActX has introduced a service that combines patients’ genetic data with information in electronic medical records to shape and improve drug therapy and overall care before and after drugs are prescribed.
  21. Digital Health Gift #8 Big Data and Machine Learning Are Being Used to Help Doctors Make Better and More Accurate Decisions Watson provided treatment recommendations for cancer patients that were 83% accurate. IBM has partnered with a range of medical institutions to train its artificial intelligence system Watson to help doctors make better clinical and diagnostic decisions in cancer care and beyond.
  22. The Gift of Hope Boosting Patients’ Odds of Surviving Life-Threatening Illnesses
  23. Technologies Powering the Gift of Hope Big Data Genomics Some of the Digital Health Big (or large) data sets are being collected and analyzed to help identify the genetic causes of diseases like cancer. Important cancer data is now being stored in the cloud to improve access to this information. Some cancer cells have unique genetic mutations that make them more, or less, responsive to certain medications.
  24. Digital Health Gift #9 Genetic Testing of Cancer is Leading to New Treatments (and Hope) for Patients Approved in 2014, Zykadia is one of two FDA-sanctioned lung cancer medications that are specifically designed to treat patients with a certain type of genetic mutation (ALK). Researchers are currently testing a range of cancers to determine if they share the ALK mutation.
  25. Digital Health Gift #10 Big Cancer Genetic Data in the Cloud Could Lead to New Breakthroughs from Unexpected Places One of the barriers to faster research in cancer genomics is lack of access to computing power — especially in smaller institutions. Google and cancer researchers have teamed up to create a cloud data source that could speed the development of new genetic therapies for cancer.
  26. The Gift of Life Preventing Life-Threatening Conditions and Fighting Epidemics
  27. Sensors can be used to detect changes in people’s bodies that may indicate they will soon have a heart attack, stroke, depression or another medical condition. Large data sets featuring important diagnostic information can be analyzed and mined for certain patterns suggesting that people may have a life-threatening medical issue. Sensors Big Data Mobile devices (combined with sensor technologies) can be used to monitor patients remotely, enable communication with medical professionals and more. Mobile Some of the Digital Health Technologies Powering the Gift of Life
  28. Digital Health Gift #11 Big Data Plus Mobile Health Devices Could Help Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes AliveCor started out focusing on measuring users’ heart rates via its mobile device. Now, it has received FDA approval to leverage its vast store of ECG data to power an algorithm that could help prevent strokes.
  29. Digital Health Gift #12 Mobile Health Tools and Big Data Are Being Used to Monitor People Infected With Ebola and Detect the Virus’ Spread Remote Patient Monitoring using mobile devices and Big Data analytics (mining news reports, social media and other channels) is helping to save lives by limiting the spread of Ebola and tracking its spread around the world.
  30. Remember: The Digital Health Future is Already Here
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