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  1. 1. portfolio student of architecture and urbanism
  2. 2. CHIP KIDD american author, editor, and graphic designer To success y o u n e e d f o u r t h i n g s : passion ,some t a l e n t , pr act ice and l u c k .
  3. 3. "... the village looks like a party, in the color, in the grace, in the invention is born from the hands of this modest and simple man who, however, is, at the same time, wise , and brings deep knowledge in the heart, and, in the fingers, the gift of creation . They were born to create beauty , to give of themselves to others, to make richer the heritage of the portuguese people with their images, their figures of clay, their utility vessels, their long horns oxen, their fishes as light as verses, their porks and roosters made of earth and lyricism. Looks like a feast, the village ... " Jorge Amado, brazilian writer “ If you want to be universal , speaks of your village.” Leon Tolstoi, russian writer
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION : Urban planning to the suburbs, where the city of Teresina was born, to better structure the set of open environments, the indoor spaces (public and private buildings), the ways of access, mobility and communication of urban spaces. This work was part of the Competition of Schools of Architecture of the 7th International Architecture Biennial in Sao Paulo and was selected for the exhibition in 2007. GUIDING : Paulo Vasconcellos|Ricardo Roque STUDENTS : Anderson Mourão|Áureo Júnior Tupinambá|Carolina Martins|Flávia Maia|Gabriel Viana|Henrique Gomes |Murilo Feitosa|Raquel Carvalho.
  5. 5. images obtained in field research
  6. 6. map of the eighteenth century current map zoning map satellite photo
  7. 7. proposed intervention sketch of the edge
  8. 8. sketch of square of the ox sketch of the restaurants floor of the restaurantes
  9. 9. deployment of equipment and services  
  10. 10. floor of the market floor of the community center facade of the market and community center sketch of the market and community center
  11. 11. sketch of the ceramic shops theater of the clay sketch of the theater of the clay
  12. 12. deployment of the cultural center of the clay
  13. 13. “ As food, shelter and clothing are considered the most essential needs of human beings, the art of doing it characterizes the various civilizations of the world. This is the art design . The larger works are often the most humble . The efficient and simple beauty of working clothes and tools of human beings in all parts of the world is a source of constant admiration ...” Paul Jacques Grillo
  14. 14. DESCRIPTION: Work of art developed with a team of craftsmen , through a program developed by SEBRAE-PI (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises). The collection consists of pieces of wood that associate religion with elements typically regional , such as cactus, vegetation characteristic of our climate zone. This work was awarded in Casa Piauí Design 2008, an event sponsored annually in the state, and subsequently exposed to the national level, in the same year, at the event Piauí Sampa, held in São Paulo. TEAM: Cecília Batista | Flávia Maia | Marla Landim
  15. 16. Space and Light and Order . These are the things that human beings need as much as bread or a place to sleep. Le Corbusier, french architect
  16. 17. AUTHORS João Alberto Monteiro | Flávia Maia DESCRIPTION : Complex which includes Hotel, Restaurant and Convention Center, for Floriano, fast growing city in south of the state of Piaui. Developed in partnership with the major architect of the firm 490 Architecture, João Alberto Monteiro, it was to reform of pre-existing buildings, adapting its use to hotel and the construction of entirely new buildings. The rigorous study of the flow was vital to the achievement of buildings that, while independent, will be joined in an efficient manner. The functionality is the basis on which the whole idea of this project was erected.
  18. 19. HOUSE RENOVATED ground floor
  19. 20. 1| west facade 2| cross section HOUSE RENOVATED 1 2
  20. 21. cross section south facade CONVENTION CENTER CONVENTION CENTER
  21. 22. west facade longitudinal section CONVENTION CENTER CONVENTION CENTER
  22. 23. 1 | longitudinal section HOTEL BUILDING 2 | cross section 1 2 3 4 3 | east facade 4 | north facade
  23. 24. BUILDING 1| ground floor 2| first and second floors 1 2 BUILDING 1| ground floor
  24. 25. RESTAURANT 1| ground floor 2| north facade 1 2
  25. 26. A wheel? Thirty spokes unite in the middle! But the void in the middle is the essence of the wheel. A pitcher? Clay is shaped in the form of vases! But the hollow void is the essence of the jar. A house? Walls with doors and windows! But the empty space is the essence of home. Therefore, the existing use; Recognizes the usefulness of non-existent . Lao-Tsé, chinese philosopher and alchemist
  26. 27. TEAM :João Alberto Monteiro | Flávia Maia DESCRIPTION : Single residence in the city of Macaé, in Rio de Janeiro, developed in partnership with the major architect of the firm 490 Architecture. The couple and their two daughters wanted to prioritize the internal spaces, making a home "turned into". Their ideas were met and enthusiastically approved throught the creation of a mezzanine in the area close to the family enjoyment and a leisure area with the privacy protected in the bottom of the ground, among other architectural solutions. Openings for natural ventilation and lighting and the arrangement of spaces have been established making the best use of the sun and pleasant wind in the region. Aesthetically, it was obtained a building clean , without excessive decorative elements, as vernacular as contemporary .
  27. 28. 1 2 1| ground floor 2| first floor 1 3 1| ground floor 3| longitudinal section
  28. 29. cross sections
  29. 30. model | AUTHOR: Marco Viana
  30. 31. Khalil Gibran, lebanese essayist, philosopher, prosaist, painter and lecturer Your home is not an anchor but a mast. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world , stimulating progress, giving life to the development . Albert Einstein, german physicist
  31. 32. DESCRIPTION: Single residence in the city of Teresina, State of Piauí. Academic work done in the discipline of Architecture Design 4. Designed for a luxury condominium in the city, the requirement was an innovative project, which had the imagination as a protagonist. Acclaimed by the teacher, it received praise for the design and trace. AUTHOR : Flávia Maia
  32. 33. 2| cross section 2 1| cross section 1 3| inspiration 1 2 3
  33. 36. Jean Baudrillard , french sociologist and philosopher "I think that good architecture can do this ... A process of disappearance, of controlling disappearance as much as appearance."
  34. 37. MAJOR ARCHITECT: Paulo Vasconcellos | INTERNS: Anderson Mourão | Flávia Maia | Laís Pádua | Murillo Ennio | Marla Landim | Raquel Carvalho DESCRIPTION : Project of ephemeral architecture , which I worked as an intern for the architect Paulo Vasconcellos. Fair held in all Brazilian states assisted by Sebrae. The environments were success for critical and public, and subject of news in regional newspapers who claimed that, in Piauí, the Feira do Empreendedor in 2008 had no precedents.
  35. 38. 1| zoning map 2| floor of the center of consutancy 1 2
  36. 39. 1| zoning map 2| initial sketch 1 2