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Fashion Tips

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The Lopez Jenny Lopez provides the clothing which was produced at the late 1920s, was referred to as the antique clothing.
The vintage style usually refers to the clothing that imitates the style of the previous style. Clothing is a newly made copy of an older garment.
The clothing produced is more recently called modern or contemporary fashion.
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Fashion Tips

  2. 2. The Lopez Jenny Lopez provides the vintageclothing which is a generic term for new andsecond hand garments which are originatingfrom the previous times.This word is also used in connection with theretail outlet that is the vintage clothing store.
  3. 3. The Lopez Jenny Lopez provides the clothingwhich was produced at the late 1920s, wasreferred to as the antique clothing.The vintage style usually refers to the clothingthat imitates the style of the previous style.Clothing is a newly made copy of an oldergarment.
  4. 4. Working on the fashion is the hottest topic of theseason.Each one of us dreams to work in the world offashion and being surrounded by so many models,designers and beautiful cloths.•
  5. 5. The fact is that the talented designer can have a hugesuccess and gain a lot of money. It permits them to travelto many parts of the world and also take part in differentfashion presentations of the best designer’s of the world.The models can have the possibility to travel all aroundthe world and present clothes, accessories, hairstyles andshoes for the well-known creators.•
  6. 6. A good model can become famous when she appears onthe front covers of different fashion magazines. The modelcan be proposed to be the image of different products,especially for cosmetic products and receives a lot ofmoney.Working in the world of fashions offer pleasure and onecan enjoy what the model does. As a model you only have to look perfect and letothers make you more beautiful for presentations. And themodels are also fond of their work.
  7. 7. LopezJennyLopezUSA