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Criteria for Sustainable Tourism by GSTC and Hopineo

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What are the international criteria put together by the GSTC for sustainable tourism development for hotels, tour operators and tourism destinations?

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Criteria for Sustainable Tourism by GSTC and Hopineo

  1. 1. Together, towards a better tourism What are the international criteria put together by the GSTC for sustainable tourism development for hotels, tour operators and tourism destinations? Together , towards a better tourism. *GSTC: Global Sustainable Tourism Council http://www.gstcouncil.org/en/gstc-criteria/criteria-for-hotels-and-tour-operators.html
  2. 2. Together, towards a better tourism B. For Local Communities C. For Cultural Heritage D. For the Environment A. Effective Sustainable Management + Benefits - Impacts 2
  3. 3. Together, towards a better tourism 3 1 • Long-Term Sustainability Management System 2 • Legislation 3 • Staff Training 4 • Visitor Satisfaction Measurement 5 • Honest Promotion of the Destination 6 • Sustainable Planning, Development & Management 7 • Respect of Community Rights (land, water…) 8 • Awareness Raising for both Visitors & Hosts
  4. 4. Together, towards a better tourism 4 Communicate your Good Practices: A.8. https://youtu.be/c-v5pWRbmPo & http://youtu.be/bca3ZypXwsM Hotel Sponsorship Program: A.3. http://youtu.be/az0fzUVKsu8 Creation of a Tourism Association: A.1. http://youtu.be/FefH-ZIH9bQ Universal Accessibility: A.6. http://youtu.be/O6cJdhXg3XU Supporting Scientific Research: A.5. & A.3. https://youtu.be/FN7HhNUbXQM & https://youtu.be/DvACFVuETx8 –
  5. 5. Together, towards a better tourism 5 1 • Support for Local Development Initiatives 2 & 7 • Equal Opportunity for Employment 3 • Buy Local at Fair Prices 4 • Local Products Sales & Promotion towards Visitors 5 • Documented Code of Conduct for Visitors 6 • Policy against Sexual Trafficking 8 • Labor Laws and Fair Wages 9 & 10 • Provision of Basic Services is Conserved (water, energy…)
  6. 6. Together, towards a better tourism 6 – Support Local Foundations: B.1. http://youtu.be/XnszwLMI7JM Community Banking and Microcredit: B.1. http://youtu.be/NF5VawElZ8g & http://youtu.be/vCUm6o5JnFE Furniture in bamboo: B.3. http://youtu.be/47Ymo3sV0eQ Education and Training Center: B.1. https://youtu.be/IVbBjBzJMi4 & http://youtu.be/8-ILnuaXAtU Investing in Human Resources: B.8. https://youtu.be/2r8EbHEEj0M Eco workshops for children: B.2 & 7 https://youtu.be/gEkvO_VbP7s Responsible Use of Water & Solar Trome Walls: B. 9 & 10 http://youtu.be/ztJERwmPM28 & http://youtu.be/ZHW4junhPf0
  7. 7. Together, towards a better tourism 7 1 • Documented Code of Conduct for Visitors 2 • Policy against Historical/Heritage Artifacts Trade 3 • Conservation Support Programs 4 • Heritage Culture
  8. 8. Together, towards a better tourism 8 Experience-based and Interactive Walking Tour: C.4. https://youtu.be/jHda4JMZD-c Family-Style Meals & Promoting Traditional Gastronomy: C.4. http://youtu.be/4lBIUHa9wjo & http://youtu.be/UWvYlK51MTo Documented Code of Conducts: C.1. https://youtu.be/Wm_baA4Bi8s Recovering Ancestral Llamas Use: C.3. http://youtu.be/XGr64MtwJNQ The churches route & City thematic tours: C.4. https://youtu.be/PXRIKJjZB3Y & https://youtu.be/2A1cIMm97CU Promoving ancestral agriculture techniques: C.4. https://youtu.be/tfVRHUyeEXc –
  9. 9. Together, towards a better tourism 9 1 •Conserving Resources: •Eco-friendly and local purchases •Responsible use to avoid waste •Responsible energy use & consumption •Responsible water use & consumption 2 •Reducing Pollution: •Reduction and compensation of CO2 •Awareness-raising of people •Grey water treatment •Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of waste •Limit use of chemicals •Reduction of other contaminates 3 •Conserving Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Landscapes: •Policy against wild flora trafficking •Policy against wildlife trafficking •Native species conservsation •Natural area conservation •Responsible interactions with wild animals
  10. 10. Together, towards a better tourism 10 – Composting Toilets & Ozone Water Treatment: D.2.4. http://youtu.be/7X6VQm8c3PU & http://youtu.be/A0Vt24y-yjQ Grease Trap & Biofilters: D.2.3. http://youtu.be/vkVhBuuwTdk & http://youtu.be/IehYwYHoOUs Awareness-Raising about Illicit Wildlife Trafficking: D.3.2. http://youtu.be/faSbUUaHBUs Responsible Consumption of Fish & Aquaponics: D.1.1. http://youtu.be/A3Lup3O4PTM & http://youtu.be/BrmzLGgOxw4 Natural National Parks Promotion & Reforestation with schools: D.3.4. http://youtu.be/-tVRX5NlPbI & https://youtu.be/frFlulmsRPc Collaborative Maintenance of an Ecological Trail: D.3.4. https://youtu.be/Nt708gDLb3Y & https://youtu.be/20fNOVNcSXA
  11. 11. Together, towards a better tourism 11 Contact Florie Thielin florie@hopineo.org www.hopineo.org/hoptour-latinamerica This presentation was developed by Giada Masiero and Florie Thielin with translation assistance by Dr. D’Arcy Dornan, GSTC Brazil Country Representative. This presentation illustrates a series of projects and studies whose aim is to help other tourism professionals to make their activities more sustainable by helping to explain what the GSTC criteria are and illustrate them with real examples. What is missing? What improvements could be made? Please, feel free to share with us your feedback so that we may continue building together a better future for Hopineo, its partners, and more globally for a more responsible tourism. « The recognition of tourism as an economic powerhouse and contributor to all three pillars of sustainable development – economic, environmental and social – underlines the enduring relevance of UNWTO’s mission to promote responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. » United Nations World Tourism Organization,