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Foetus creative portfolio

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Foetus creative portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Our portfolio comprises of branding, print design, advertising, 3D designs, website & interactive and events.
  2. 2. Branding
  3. 3. Concept behind the Logo : “ The pen is mightier than the sword ” Here, the pen has been symbolically replaced by the core of a pencil, repre- senting the basic form of education and knowledge. A single element i.e. the core of a pencil has been symmetrically arranged into eight folds, each fold representing a value from the Noble Eight Fold Path of Gautam Buddha which leads to the pure form of Knowledge. The Noble values are : Understanding, Thought, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration. The overall structure also form the blooming of a flower ; a new growth every time.
  4. 4. Concept behind the Logo : The single yellow structure represents a book ; an open book. The overall placement and pattern is such that it rep- resents building steps going higher. This symbolically represents growth, being on top and achievement. In a way, it shapes in taking education towards a new height in a concrete formative process.
  5. 5. Concept behind the Logo : The alphabet ‘e’ has being symbolically represented as a cutting edge educational system for the future. The red dot signifies the core and depth in the most minimalist form. The cutting edge alphabet and the dot has been juxtaposed to reflect the feel of ‘a little more.’
  6. 6. The logo has been designed basically with the letters ‘ F ’ and ‘ L ’. The letters itself has been incorporated the characteristics of ‘ logistics ’. A sense of accuracy, flow and transportation is reflected. The visual brand identity has been kept in focus so as to establish a strong brand image. The visual element creates a strong brand recall value and which can be easily adapted into various branding features for it’s flexible style. ( For example , the simple three stripes of adidas..which forms such a strong brand recall visually ). The blue and red branding has the unique feature and style for itself. We can eventually use the blue and red cutting edge style to signify and establish the brand from packaging, stickers , merchandise. online etc. This creates room for the brand to get recognized very easily.
  7. 7. binds the great minds It’s a representation of “INDI Entrepreneur in a very simple Form. Where we have tried representing it in an Alphabetical form. “I “and “E” has been combined in a very Simple Fusion. Which represents it in a very simple form and which creates a strong Brand identity For I & E. And hence it’s all about “BINDs the Great Minds”.
  8. 8. Indipreneur raise ideas reap success Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which is a French word meaning “one who undertakes an endeavor” Being an entrepreneur is very rewarding but challenges are very high. Here we have represented our group as a flying Bird: flying high to reach the goal, very social and independent. Here, wings are in blue color, which indicates depth & royalty. We here at “INDI Entrepreneur” believe in motivating people, social awareness and taking all of us very high as for us sky is not the limit.. It’s repre- sented in a very simple manner, to have good picture, easily memorable in our mind. Now, it’s worth saying “Raise ideas, reap success”
  9. 9. providing energy for a better world Globe is defined as a sphere on which a map (especially of the earth) is represented, Globe is the place where our house is. Here the globe is rep- resented in a very simple manner sensing a huge in terms of adding values, mission & Vision to the people and hence making their life smoother and comfortable. similarly, the Company wants to be huge in all the directions, want to provide different kind of service in all the places of globe i.e., nationally and internationally and thus making this planet a winder full planet to live and thus adding smile to HUMAN KIND through its esteem services. Here the blue color indicates depth and royalty. We at “KUNWAR & CO.” , believes in motivating people and social awareness, and taking all of us very high as sky is not the limit. It is represented in a very simple manner to have Good picture, easily memorable in our mind. Now its worth saying “ Providing energy to the better world”.
  10. 10. Globe is constitute of five elements i.e., Panch Tatva (The Sky, The Earth, The Wind, The Water and The Fire) energy is stored in all these elements of life in different - different form and energy cant be destroyed and cant be neither created. Here we have shown the ENERGY flowing in all direction . and hence simplifying the living. Its all about “TRANSFORMING ENERGY”. It is represented in a very simple manner to have Good picture, easily memorable in our mind.
  11. 11. ace SPORTS Concept behind the Name + Logo : The word ‘ ACE ’ means ; exhibiting expertise in a apecific activity or form. Hence, ACE SPORTS signifies an expertise in providing complete solution in sports through which the ace i.e the highest results can be achieved.The word ‘ ACE SPORTS ’ reflects a very compact, dynamic & promising sound that is easily registered, once it is heard. The logo has been designed in the most simplest form possible along with a strong visual brand identity which is easily recognised and can be transformed into sub - brand category without sublimating the parent brand but keeping the form of continuity. The stylised element of the design represents growth and achievement towards the highest peak ; which is an integral spirit of SPORTS , in the form of a trianglular structure. The ‘A’ of ACE and the ‘S’ of sports has been fused into a design element providing a meaningful form. It also represents a dynamic form of moving ahead ; the first step as a start. The colours in the shades of green reflects the true spirit of sports and gives a fresh look overall. It also portrays a concrete, modern, international, corpo- rate & elegant feel to the overall Brand Image.
  12. 12. YASH Enterprises Concept behind the logo : The design has been constructed in a symmetrical balance which implies growth and also reflects a very techno modern outlook. The subjects here being products of engineer in nature, the logo has been specially crafted as a modernization of a visual identity in the most simplest way. The color green signifies growth, fresh look as well as an eco – friendly nature of it’s kind.
  13. 13. Concept Note : The logo has been designed in the most simplest and minimalist form. The term ‘reboot’ has been visually represented in the form of a sunrise, the source of energy. This signifies a new start, the restart of a day, growth & development. This logo also symbolises the restart icon in a fractional form. A mojor emphasize has also been given in forming a strong brand identity.
  14. 14. 0120 - 4229704 + 91 9910666990 0120 - 4233133 k_aakash@hotmail.com www.educore.com EDUCORE Suite 101, Chowkhani Square, Sector 18, Noida-20130 1 Branding + Visiting Card + Letterhead
  15. 15. THE CORPORATE EDGE E1, Commerce Centre, 5th Floor, Tardeo Road ( Near AC Market ), Mumbai - 400034 Mob.: +91 9820122146 E-mail: thecorpedge@gmail.com Branding + Visiting Card + Letterhead
  16. 16. +91 9818217776 / +91 9312718213 info@acesportsindia.org www.acesportsindia.org Gautam Mukherjee gautam@acesportsindia.org CEO +91 981821777 6 C - 178 2nd Floor South City 2 www.acesportsindia.org Gurgaon Haryan a - 122001 ACE SPORTS INDIA C - 178 2n d Floor Sout h City 2 Gurgaon Haryan a - 122001 / D - 100 Sector - 41 Noida U. P - 201303 . Branding + Visiting Card + Letterhead
  17. 17. COFFEE STOP Branding + Visiting Card + Letterhead
  18. 18. COFFEE STOP Coffee Cup & Disposable Mug
  19. 19. COFFEE STOP T-shirts
  20. 20. COFFEE STOP Paper Carry Bags
  21. 21. COFFEE STOP CDs & Poster
  22. 22. Concept behind the Logo : The coffee cup is a very significant form to speak about coffee, hence the shape of the coffee cup is in a continu- ous and stylized form showcasing relaxing and soothing mood. The three wave like form portrays the very mood and spirit over coffee and also gives it a vibrant and energetic feel which juxtaposes with the line “ Gulp, Gossips & Coffee. “
  23. 23. AAKASH BAR & RESTAURANT Logo Design
  24. 24. SHARAN DANCE STUDIO Logo Design
  25. 25. SNEHA EXPORTS Logo Design
  26. 26. Brainstorm bra i nstormforce BRAINSTORM Logo Design
  27. 27. PANACHE GLOBAL Logo Design
  28. 28. Concept behind the Logo : The logo has been stylized in a very child like illustration and doodle so as to reflect the innocence and a direct appeal like that of a toddler. The logo signifies the care, shelter, love, multi-dimensional development, nurture within an environment and special attention to each individual bud to blossom into a flower. In a way it symbolizes blossoming of a flower within a positively guided space and a stimulating environment.
  29. 29. Concept behind the Logo : The logo has been created to give a very fresh and chirpy feeling. This has been made in an unusual visual appeal and not repeating the likely concept of a flower. The character has been specially designed to attract toddlers and arouse a feeling of love & happiness in a very soothing manner. This will easily get registered in their mind to associate Ramagya Blossom in the most fun filled way. The mascot can easily be portrayed as a strong positive character to convey educational values and principles to kids in the most interesting fashion. The mascot represents a growing toddler.
  30. 30. Concept behind the Logo : The logo has been created in more simpler and sober stylization. This basically represents nursery education where slowly and steadily a toddler is guided to grow under tender care and dedication. The basic fact states that the process of education cannot be hurried in case of a toddler during his / her formative years of mental development. The character here also reflects a welcoming gesture with a happy smile. The colors blue and pink signifies the young genders.
  31. 31. Concept behind the Logo : As S R Consultant represent the Human Resource Management, we have tried to portray it symbolically in the most minimalist way, so as to create a strong Brand Identity.
  32. 32. TOWNSHEND HOMES, AUSTRALIA Branding + Visiting Card
  33. 33. Print Design
  34. 34. ACE SPORTS INDIA Brochure Design
  35. 35. ACE SPORTS INDIA Brochure Design
  36. 36. SIMPLY SIKHSHA - BANGALORE Leaflet Design
  37. 37. SIMPLY SIKHSHA - BANGALORE Leaflet Design
  38. 38. SIMPLY SIKHSHA - BANGALORE Leaflet Design
  39. 39. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  40. 40. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  41. 41. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  42. 42. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  43. 43. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  44. 44. AEROSPACE, DUBAI Brochure Design
  45. 45. FUTURE EDUCATION Brochure Design
  46. 46. IAMRE Brochure Design
  47. 47. SNEHA EXPORT Brochure Design
  48. 48. SNEHA EXPORT Brochure Design
  49. 49. SNEHA EXPORT Brochure Design
  50. 50. MINDHEAL HOMEOPATHY Brochure Design
  51. 51. MINDHEAL HOMEOPATHY Poster Design
  52. 52. MINDHEAL HOMEOPATHY Brochure Design
  53. 53. MINDHEAL HOMEOPATHY Poster Design
  54. 54. RE - BOOT IT SOLUTIONS, AUSTRALIA Flyer Design
  56. 56. K M FASHIONS Outdoor Backlight Design
  57. 57. SEFERINO Outdoor Banner
  58. 58. PERSONNEL JUNCTION Advertisement for Hong Kong Magazine
  59. 59. HINDUSTAN LAW BOOK Magazine Cover Design
  61. 61. TOWNSHEND HOMES, AUSTRALIA Newspaper Insert
  62. 62. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, AMRITSAR Newspaper Insert
  63. 63. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, AMRITSAR Outdoor Hoarding
  64. 64. Web & Interactive
  65. 65. AMIGOS FILMS Website Design & Development ( currently under construction)
  66. 66. KLIPPET SOFTWARE Hairstyling Software Design & Development ( currently under testing )
  67. 67. EDUCORE Website Design & Development | www.educore.in
  68. 68. JISHNU OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES Website Design & Development
  69. 69. PURVI GEMS JEWELLERY Website Design & Development
  70. 70. SNEHA EXPORTS Website Design & Development
  71. 71. SPECTRUM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Website Design & Development
  72. 72. NISHIKANT KOTHIKAR Website Design & Development
  73. 73. SUROJIT HARI PHOTOGRAPHY Website Design & Development
  74. 74. RE-BOOT IT SOLUTIONS (AUSTRALIA) Website Design & Development
  75. 75. SCHOOLIFE Online E Newsletter Design ( 18 Pages )
  76. 76. Events & 3D Design
  77. 77. 3D Design for Jewellery Exhibition
  78. 78. 3D Design for Jewellery Exhibition
  79. 79. 3D Design & Event
  80. 80. 3D Design & Event
  81. 81. Thanks ! Please be in touch with us at : Foetus Creative Pvt. Ltd. foetuscreative@gmail.com Biswajit Sarkar : +91 9320035914 Biswanath Mukherjee : +91 9320035915