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Father and Son Expand Food Truck Business with Strategic Equipment Financing

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The purpose of the Happy Lobster Truck is to bring people happiness through great food. From the end of the line to enjoying your lobster roll, from dining at our truck to interacting with us on social media, we always do our best to put a smile on your face.

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Father and Son Expand Food Truck Business with Strategic Equipment Financing

  1. 1. Father and Son Expand Food Truck Business with Strategic Equipment Financing An attorney-fatherandsocial mediamarketerson lefttheirdreamjobsbyswitchinggearsand openinga foodtruck togethercalledThe Happy Lobsterinthe Chicagolandarea. Centrust, a local ChicagoBusiness Bank, supported this father-son duo’s plan; they helped it become a reality by providing them with a conventional equipment loan in order to finance the truck, equipment, and other supplies necessary to successfully operate. The Happy Lobsterprovidesuniquelobster fastfoodoptions forseafoodloversof all ages.Priorto receivingconventional financing, theydidnotyetowna foodtruck,whichwas necessary forspreading theirdeliciouseatstonumerousregionsof Chicagoland area. Aftertakingouta conventionalequipment loanwithCentrustBank, the duo wasable to purchase the truck, cookingappliances, andrefrigeration, while still meetingthe requirementsof the state of Illinois. Becauseof Centrust’sfinancialassistance, they’ve become one of Chicagoland’sfoodtruckfavorites,featuredas Chicago’sBestFoodTruckby The ChicagoTribune,Top25 LobsterRollsinAmericaaccordingto Yelpand Buzzfeed,BestAlternativeDining by the JeanBanchetAwards,andmore.Theyhave since expandedbyacquiringasecondtruckand offeringcateringsservicestohospitals,streetfairs,businessesandmore. Because of CentrustBank’s variousconventional financingoptionsforbusinessownersof all needs, they supportentrepreneursandbusinessownersof vastlydifferentbackgrounds. CommercialLenderIcastates that “when aspiring business owners come to us with an idea, we support them. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing dreamers become achievers.” Equipment Lending Successes Accordingto Fundera,small businessstartupsspendanywhere from $10,000 to$125,000 on equipment. Centrust Bank understands that many business owners do not have enoughcapital to make such costly purchases inthe beginningstagesof owningabusiness.Havingthe rightequipmenttomeetthe needsof
  2. 2. the businessisessential toitsoperationsandsuccess, whichiswhy Centrustoffersvariousconventional financing options to suit the needs of business owners from all backgrounds. Centrustoffers conventionalfinancingforequipment,whichhasled CentrustBanktobe one of the area’s top-performingbankingcompanies.Theyare the go-tobankforCommercial Bankingservicesandsucceed by building relationships withbusinessowners.Together the Bankers and clients of Centrust Bank have created a strong, growing and successful Community Bank with exactly the bank credit and deposit servicesrequiredbythe residentsandbusinessownersof the Northshore communitiesthatwe are ideally located to serve. About The Happy Lobster: Foodisaboutso muchmore thanthe act of eating.It’saboutgrabbinglunchwithaco-workerorcatching up with a friend. It’s about trying new things. And, of course, it’s about enjoying a terrific meal. The purpose of the HappyLobsterTruck isto bringpeople happinessthroughgreatfood.Fromthe endof the line toenjoyingyourlobsterroll,fromdiningatourtrucktointeractingwithusonsocial media,wealways do our best to put a smile on your face. The Happy Lobster’s job is to bring you the best, freshest lobster in Chicago. The lobster they serve is caught fresh every day in Maine. Their bread is bakedfresh every day in Chicago. They are confident in their ability to do their job. About Centrust Bank: Originallyfoundedin2006,CentrustbankhasquicklygrowntobecomealeadingChicagoareacommunity bank. As a model of community banking, Centrust Bank pays special attention to helping small to mid- sized businesses grow safely and profitably. Centrust is also one of the largest SBA lenders in Illinois. Whetherit’sasmall or mid-sizedbusiness,CentrustBankprovidesfinancialsolutionssuchasSBA lending toentrepreneursthatare lookingtoacquire andgrow theirbusiness.Tolearnmore ortocontactCentrust Bank, take a look at their website here: www.centrustbank.com Centrust Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.