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MVP Design - Emerge Education

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MVP Design - Emerge Education

  1. 1. MVPs A Founder Centric Module
  2. 2. Question I’m building a community of street artists and connecting them to brands who want to hire them.
  3. 3. Question You want to open a new chain of fast food restaurants.
  4. 4. Question You have a crazy product idea and the manufacturing setup is expensive.
  5. 5. C ER EX If we had to launch in 48 hours, what would our product look like? E IS Question
  6. 6. t Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1992 @robfitz
  7. 7. Quote source @twitter
  8. 8. Three Types of Learning
  9. 9. 1. Exploration
  10. 10. Question I want to create an online market place for fine marble sculptures.
  11. 11. 2. Pitch
  12. 12. Question I have a web app idea. It will take 7 weeks to build.
  13. 13. 3. Concierge
  14. 14. Question I want to build a app that recommends the perfect computer to buy.
  15. 15. www
  16. 16. EMAIL
  17. 17. Learning is progress. Building stuff isn’t.
  18. 18. Let users & customers help with the grand plan.
  19. 19. Launch fast & iterate. You haven’t really started working on it till you’ve launched. Paul Graham
  20. 20. No, this is not an indecent proposal. It’s an idea to add a little feature to Nupedia. Larry Sanger
  21. 21. Strip features ruthlessly to ship versions quickly.
  22. 22. Rule of Thumb The biggest strength startups have is speed. Every feature you add reduces that advantage.
  23. 23. E IS We’re building a better TV. What features does version 1 need? C ER EX Question
  24. 24. Rule of Thumb You can’t focus your product unless you know exactly who it’s for and what they want to achieve.
  25. 25. Customer Slicing ? Jobs Obstacles Goals Current Solution How deep do you go? They are real people (not attributes!) It’s clear where to find them. You’ll walk away if they aren’t a good fit. Decision Trigger Interest Trigger
  26. 26. C ER EX If we just focused on a specific customer group, how could we focus our product for them? E IS Question
  27. 27. You have customers, they pay you money for your product or service and you get profit, and it’s such a weird notion. David Hansson
  28. 28. C ER EX What are your top risks? What are the fastest ways to resolve them? E IS Question
  29. 29. C ER EX What are your fastest risks? How could this learning lead to coursecorrection? E IS Question
  30. 30. An MVP is an experiment that tests a critical, falsifiable hypothesis of your business.
  31. 31. Question I’m building social tools to help conference speakers get more retweets, follows, etc.
  32. 32. You reach scale by doing things that don’t scale.
  33. 33. Question I’m building a marketplace for event organizers to find & hire speakers
  34. 34. £1040
  35. 35. Question How can we make a better startup conference?
  36. 36. Question How come thoughtleaders don’t talk to each other?
  37. 37. Question What topics should we schedule?
  38. 38. Question Will people pay for membership rather than events?
  39. 39. Question This is hard. How can we do less work?
  40. 40. Question How can we seed stronger relationships in our community?
  41. 41. Question I’m building an automatic business card scanner for smartphones and the tech is difficult.
  42. 42. Question I want to start an airline.
  43. 43. What are you most worried about? E IS Listen to the pitch as if you were an investor. C ER EX Question
  44. 44. Design MVPs for as many of the risks as you can.
  45. 45. Sell it Make it Fake it Ask them Watch them Compare it
  46. 46. THIS WEEK
  47. 47. What’s most likely to sink you? What’s your most important metric? What can you do this week to attack it?
  48. 48. You keep working and you get another brick. And then you’re like “Ah! Now I have enough bricks - I can do something with these bricks!” And you have a wall. Amy Hoy@amyhoy
  49. 49. Thx! Salim Virani @saintsal salim@foundercentric.com