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Update on CRC Open and Free DAB Tools



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Update on CRC Open and Free DAB Tools

  1. 1. Update on CRC Open and Free DAB Tools François Lefebvre Communications Research Centre, Canada WorldDMB TC, February 18, 2010 1
  2. 2. Candadian Context Why/How Open/Free mmbTools Openmokast CRC tools limitations Licences, Governance, Copyrights What Next ? 2
  3. 3. Canadian Context - A few L-band DAB systems still operating in the largest markets - No business case for “Digital Radio” in spite of the pressure from USA - No interest for HD Radio by broadcasters - No regulation in place for the use of the extra channels provided by HD Radio Multicasting - December 2009: Industry Canada began Consultation about the future of L-band 3
  4. 4. Canadian Context IC proposes : Flexible use (fixed, mobile and broadcasting) to deliver subscription broadcasting, multimedia, mobile or fixed broadband wireless access, or other telecommunications applications in the “DAB”portion of the L-band. (i.e 1452-1492 MHz) 4
  5. 5. Why Open & Free (CRC) Tools developed during R&D activities CRC is publicly funded R&D lab Does not (always) have to generate revenues Efforts to benefit industries AND public 5
  6. 6. Why Open & Free (food for thoughts 1) Software tends to become free GNU/Linux, Android, ... Hardware tends to become generic Functionality provided by OS, Apps, SDR, … Leads to increased economies of scale Open source momentum in various industries Smart phone OS' (key for DAB?), VoIP, IDEs (Eclipse), Web Servers (Apache), … Open & Free tech often not best tech.. But most of the time best ”bang for the bucks” 6
  7. 7. Why Open & Free (food for thoughts 2) Collaborate on single core software implementation, Compete on quality of integration, service, extensions,... DAB suffers from closed, vertical and proprietary business models … see: mobile handhelds, smart phones, … Can business be done with Open & Free? … see: Internet, Web, ... Open & Free Infrastructures more business made ”because of” highways than ”by” highways No ubiquity without open & free? (CERN does not collect royalties for WWW) MP2 DAB royalty-free soon? 7
  8. 8. CRC mmbTools http://mmbtools.crc.ca 8
  9. 9. Trend: Software on Generic HW
  10. 10. Architecture 12
  11. 11. CRC-DABMUX See specsheet on mmbtools.crc.ca Free open source code since September 2009 13
  12. 12. G.703 Interface CRC-DABMUX CRC ETI Player FarSync TE1 E1 (G.703 and G.704) Universal PCI card for Linux and Windows http://www.farsite.com 14
  13. 13. CRC-DABMOD Software Defined Radio DAB Modulator USRP: Ettus research
  14. 14. Software Building Blocks
  15. 15. Ubuntu Base System
  16. 16. Ubuntu Minimized
  17. 17. Ubuntu with CRC Tools
  18. 18. mmbTools live CD
  19. 19. “One Click” Transmitter
  20. 20. Announcement ! CRC-DABMOD Released today as GPL Open Source Software Download at: mmbtools.crc.ca
  21. 21. mmbTools Web Appliances
  22. 22. CRC Openmokast http://www.openmokast.org 24
  23. 23. Colliding Business Models ? Broadcaster MNO FTA-TV Pay-TV
  24. 24. Openmokast Stack
  25. 25. Openmokast Architecture Receiver control (RDI, DCSR, ETI) FIC decoding Demultiplexing Application decoding Presentation Generic C/C++ code, works ”as is” on many embedded platforms !
  26. 26. Adapt Openmoko Device
  27. 27. Adapt Openmoko Device
  28. 28. Openmokast Prototype
  29. 29. Screenshots
  30. 30. Android
  31. 31. Android Openmokast Player Openmokast Player on on T-Mobile G1 Android Market (MAS)
  32. 32. Mobile DAB Hotspot v2.0 DAB over Wifi  IGEPv2  Beagleboard  Zoom  ... SDR? Multi-standard? Simply enabled by: iPhone App, Android App, Nintendo DS,...
  33. 33. DAB Personal LAB
  34. 34. What CRC Tools Don't Do We don't mind telling weaknesses out loud ... because we're not selling anything! … In fact, we hope you will point out the problems ASAP ... Or better, fix them yourself ! Overall: No warranty, no reliability figures, no redundancy CRC-DABMUX: No dynamic reconfiguration, no EDI (local TCP/IP ETI) CRC-DABMOD: Only mode 2 support, no synchronization Openmokast: No audio decoding LiveCD: no codecs, few applications (MOT decoder from DReaM)
  35. 35. mmbTools Community  www.opendigitalradio.org  Receiver manufacturers  Pre-market field trials  Broadcast R&D lab  University students Creation of a mailinglist
  36. 36. Uses for the Tools - Receiver testing - ETI file production - Apps development and testing - Events / micro – broadcasting - Field trials - ”Hacking” and fun for the love of DAB - other creative uses by users - ....
  37. 37. Royalty-Free Codecs • In broadcasting: most standards require non-RF tech • Must pay royalties for most CODECS - Can't distribute free software implementations at large • CRC mmbTools and Openmokast now include CELT fullband audio CODEC over DAB • New IETF workgroup formed to look at Internet RF codecs: - Candidates codecs: CELT, Broadcom, Skype, … - RF codecs could be in mobile platforms soon For Internet Apps (radio?) Broadcast radio at disadvantage?
  38. 38. Licences, Governance, Copyrights CRC projects licenses: GPL - If you make changes to source code and distribute products based on it - You have to open source your modifications Governance: Not established yet - now: you propose modifications, we check and integrate Copyrights: True open source approach (proposed) - Code contributors keep their copyright - no copyright assignment to CRC Of course, it is always possible to dual license the first released versions - not the intent, but possible
  39. 39. What Next ? • Maintain mmbTools and Openmokast • HE-AACv2 real-time software encoders (sorry, can't be free!) • Live CD: • Support more standards: FM/RDS, ATSC/MH, … • Update to recent Ubuntu releases (LTS) • Openmokast: Bcast chipsets into open phones • Openmokast: Port to Android • New broadcast apps • Royalty-free codecs: audio, video (CELT, Theora) • OpenBTS as return link • Broadcast apps in “App Stores” • Micro-broadcasting: events,… • Field trial: 3G radio reception • …?
  40. 40. FM + RDS in mobile devices GSM Phones © HTC 42
  41. 41. Conclusions Open & RF & Software and Generic HW = democratisation = rapid innovation cycles = adoption = greater QoL (quality of life) CRC-DABMUX, CRC-DABMOD = Open Source GPL Openmokast = Open Source GPL Hoping for: wide adoption of DAB Hoping for: Open Source TPEG, EPG, ... Watching other platforms coming: FM, Internet, ATSC, 3G, LTE, Wimax,... 43
  42. 42. Thanks ! PROJECTS openmokast.org mmbtools.crc.ca www.crc.ca/mmb http://www.youtube.com/crcmmb http://www.slideshare.net/tag/crcmmb BLOG Broadcasting20.org, Twitter: @fralef francois.lefebvre@crc.ca