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EvolvU Intelligent Schooling Solution

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Introduction and brief peek into a highly automated solution for schools and education institutes. With more than 22 modules working offline and online, it measures the core skills of students and helps management focus on improvising those skills.

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EvolvU Intelligent Schooling Solution

  1. 1. Intelligent Schooling Solution www.aceventura.in confidential “The only way to do great work is to do what you love”
  2. 2. “The true purpose of Education is to make minds, not careers” – William D EvolvU is a futuristic smart education solution right at your fingertips. It’s a most advance tool for schools, parents and students with a real time update of activities/happenings/reports from within the class and school campus. Year on Year data that can be analyzed to improve the teaching mechanism and inducing better receptivity and indulgence of the students to cyclically better the education system Cloud based SAAS system with ability to make a school go-live within 1 month of provisioning of data
  3. 3. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela For School Management (highlights) - Clear, quick & Transparent communication with Parents - digital notice board –notices & events - Electronic Remarks sent to parents - Achievements note - Fees & installment views availability - Teacher & staff management - Biometric attendance - Leave application, approval and recording - Teacher availability views - Manage expenses such as stationery or Library books through approval system - Manage Fees - Set fees, Installments & Schedule - Receive fees offline - Receive fees online (payment gateway) - Generate reports * View all communication of teachers & parents using single application
  4. 4. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead For Teachers (highlights) - Clear, quick & Transparent communication with Parents - Electronic Remarks sent to parents - Achievements note - Send daily notes - Send Homework - Reduce rework and administrative overheads - Digital Attendance that generates all reports related to attendance - A Single note that goes to all students in the class at a push of button - Remarks that get digitally acknowledged by parents and easily traceable - Homework that allow feedback from parents and measure student performance - Assigning Online Assignments and get it evaluated automatically - View and set marks for students per exam & generate digital result sheets - Request for stationery items or Library books through approval system - Know your leave balance and request leaves * Reduce Manual administrative work by 40% and improve focus on educational activity
  5. 5. For Parents (highlights) - Clear, quick & Transparent communication from School - Electronic Remarks & Acknowledgement - Achievements notes - Daily notes - Homework intimation - Notices & Events intimation - Childs profile & digital marksheet - SMS notifications - Library Books availability & requisition - Online fees payment & notification - Transporters notification “Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers” – Mahatma Gandhi
  6. 6. Student Management Staff Management Homework Student Attendance Academia Library Time Table Notices / Events Remarks Transport Historical Data Online Fees Management Achievements Official Letters Online Tests / Evaluation Expense Management Stationery Management Teacher Notes SMS Alerts Biometric Integration “Technology can become wings to allow education world to fly farther and faster…”
  7. 7. “Everyone is genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb…it will live…believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein Imagine - A child not losing a single day of learning - Ability of Parents to teach at home in continuum of class learning - Understanding the strengths & weakness of each child by the school and focusing on improvement measures - Ability of teacher to teach more and do less administration - Know exactly how the school is performing in terms of incoming and outgoings - Legal Compliance at fingertips
  8. 8. Education is the greatest hope in the world for Our Kids Whats Next? - Curriculum, syllabus & content binding and academic planning year on year - Performance Measurement of student using multiple datapoints such as interests, scores, online assignments, homework, remarks… - Teacher skill measurement and improvements - Auto timetable generation - Open Digital Content for endless learning
  9. 9. WWW.ACEVENTURA.IN fds@aceventura.in