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21st Century Construction Toolkit - Olswang LLP

7 Game Changers for the Construction Industry

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21st Century Construction Toolkit - Olswang LLP

  1. 1. 21st Century Construction Toolkit Berlin +49 30 700 171 100 Brussels +32 2 647 4772 London +44 20 7067 3000 Madrid +34 91 187 1920 Munich +49 89 203 031 300 Paris +33 17 091 8720 Singapore +65 67 20 82 78 Thames Valley +44 20 7067 3000 www.olswang.com constructiveblog.com CONSTRUC IVE
  2. 2. “ he future belongs T to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X High speed rail, wind farms, state of the art arenas, gleaming skyscrapers. The built environment is being transformed and regenerated like never before. And the construction industry is modernising, too – more efficient, more collaborative, more long-termist. This 21st Century Construction Toolkit highlights best practice ideas and cutting edge solutions to improve and maximise your procurement processes and strategy.
  3. 3. “ alent wins games, but T teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Collaborative Working Michael Jordan Experienced participants on large or repeat projects understand the productivity gains from forming trusted and cooperative relationships. Frameworks, partnering and alliancing arrangements can help avoid disputes, foster innovation and streamline negotiations. Chat to us: Francis Ho Head of Construction +44 20 7067 3505 francis.ho@olswang.com
  4. 4. “ hat the world really W needs is more love and less paper work.” Pearl Bailey Third Party Rights Collateral warranties have traditionally offered security for third parties. Now legislation provides project participants with the same protection but without the time, cost or paperwork. Used intelligently, third party rights reduce the administrative burdens associated with major commercial projects. Chat to us: Kathryn Noble Associate +44 20 7067 3343 kathryn.noble@olswang.com
  5. 5. Sustainability Sustainable development can lead to reduced construction and operating costs and greater customer and worker satisfaction. Lawyers help navigate the myriad of evolving standards including BREEAM, LEED, planning and greentech, while simultaneously aligning sustainability with clients’ wider strategic goals. “ he future will be T green, or not at all.” Sir Jonathon Porritt Chat to us: Kate Wansbrough-Jones Senior Associate +44 20 7067 3773 kate.wansbrough-jones@olswang.com
  6. 6. Procurement Strategy “ f you don’t know where I you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra Two stages or just one, design-build or traditional, funding through equity or debt. The methods by which services and works are acquired and suppliers chosen play a key role in a project’s success. Good procurement strategy involves an effective appraisal of options but should bring rewards in increased value and risk reduction. Chat to us: Peter Clyde Associate +44 20 7067 3916 peter.clyde@olswang.com
  7. 7. “ ar is what happens W when language fails.” Margaret Atwood Early Dispute Resolution Construction disputes needn’t be inevitable. Good administration and project management can nip problems in the bud. But should the worst come to the worst, lawyers can assist with interpretation, expert determination, dispute resolution boards and negotiation strategies to see that projects stay on track and on budget. Chat to us: Andrew Aglionby Partner +44 20 7067 3479 andrew.aglionby@olswang.com
  8. 8. “ he design of each element T should be thought out in order to be easy to make and easy to repair.” Leo Fender Building Information Modelling BIM helps build a virtual model of a project. With the right processes in place, it’s a valuable tool for collaboration and efficiency in design, construction and maintenance from concept and completion to the end of a facility’s life. Chat to us: Sarah Rock Associate +44 20 7067 3898 sarah.rock@olswang.com
  9. 9. Know-How “ short saying oft A contains much wisdom.” Our Constructive blog (constructiveblog.com) provides our unique bite-size analysis on the legal landscape shaping construction. We also offer both regular and bespoke training on a wide range of legal and construction issues without the ‘bored-to-tears’. Sophocles Chat to us: Morwenna Fisher Business Development Manager +44 20 7067 3563 morwenna.fisher@olswang.com
  10. 10. “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Abraham Maslow