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Making With A Disney Imagineer and Muppeteer

Hear a fun, information-rich exchange between Silicon Valley Maker Frank Cohen and Disney Imagineer and Muppeteer Terri Hardin on their experiences using 3D printers, scanners, sculpting, and embedded electronics to make and market a consumer branded device. When they met Terri and Frank quickly found they shared a vision of the Maker Movement to use new technology in a way that teaches people how to make their own creations, and in turn teach others to make for themselves. Terri and Frank will talk about their expectations and the reality of bringing an idea not only into something tangible but a real consumer product to market. They will walk you through the process they followed and how they pivoted from the original concept by pulling-in their interests in Steampunk style, Disney-style story telling, and wearable art jewelry. They will talk about how the original concept was received on Kickstarter and why Terri responded to the secondary product better than the first. You will learn how they moved on the secondary idea, why they chose to go in that direction, and the next steps they identified. If you have prototyped with technology that is accessible to the general public, you will learn it is not as hard as you think. They will show this in practice. The talk will end with a discussion of using 3D printing and other technologies to make the design-to-fabrication process inexpensive and accessible. They will cite the big lessons to move from prototyping into overseas fabrication to help you on your own project.

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Making With A Disney Imagineer and Muppeteer

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