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Running JMeter Tests In Appvance PerformanceCloud

Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is the first beginning-to-end test system which accurately drives 100% of the actual user interactions, even with complex HTML5 and AJAX client-side code. Apache JMeter is an Apache project to test Web applications at the HTTP protocol level. Adding the ability to re-use existing JMeter scripts with the Appvance cloud testing platform enables JMeter users to test Web apps, Ajax apps, Mobile (iOS/Android), and Oracle Forms apps.

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Running JMeter Tests In Appvance PerformanceCloud

  1. 1. JMeter and 
 Appvance Performance Cloud May 7, 2014 Frank Cohen, fcohen@appvance.com, (408) 364-5508
  2. 2. JMeter in Appvance Performance Cloud •Run JMeter 2.11 or later Scripts •15 Reports from Results Repository
 Functional and Performance Analysis •Data Driven JMeter Tests from RDBMS, CSV, Properties •Live Results, Drill Downs to Request/Response Level •Runs in AWS Cloud, Private Grid, Both •Combine with Ajax Browser End-To-End Tests •Correlated Drill Down with New Relic APM
  3. 3. Testing Platform Requirements •Agile Continuous Integration, Test, Analysis • Functional, Performance, Stress, and Security Tests •Web, Ajax, SOA, ESB, BPM Environments •Operational Test Data •Records Test of Apps Without Scripting •Instant Reports Surface Actionable App Performance Issues •Java, Ruby, PHP, Python Test Suite Scripting
  4. 4. Are You Ready? •Add Appvance Testing To Your Jmeter Use Today •If It Does Not Drive The Real End-User Experience, 
 Call Us At (855) 254-1164 
 Or Email Us Sales@Appvance.Com
 And We Will Show You How