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Smartbank Powercap Mv Me Ss125

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Smartbank Powercap Mv Me Ss125

  1. 1. SmartBankMetal-Enclosed ™Power Capacitor BanksMedium Voltage • Fully ConfigurableLook to Maysteel for the finest in medium-voltage, metal-enclosed banks havingcapacitive reactive power ratings up to 30 MVAR in a single enclosure. Theserobust units are designed to improve power factor in a variety of industrial, com-mercial and utility applications.Both fixed designs and automatically switched designs (up to 20 steps) areavailable, in system voltages from 2.4 kV through 34.5 kV RMS. Metal-enclosedversions are designed for substation use; pad-mount versions are for use inpublicly accessible areas. Other major features include: • Free-standing, heavy-gauge, compartmentalized Maysteel enclosures • Both front and rear doors for easy accessibility • Integral control and protection systems • Short circuit ratings to 61 kA RMS symmetrical • Fused main disconnect switch or interlock with grounding switch • Available fully assembled, or shipped in sections for field assembly • All equipment meets or exceeds ANSI, IEEE, NEC and NESC standards ISO 9001 CERTIFIED Electric Power Products
  2. 2. Viewing windows available as option. EnclosureEasy access Featurescontrol cabinet. Doors equipped with three-point latching mechanism, padlockable handles. Mesh-backed ventilation louvers allow filters to be changed without opening enclosure. Key interlock system ensures safety through proper sequenceRobust, formed-channel base simplifies of operation.installation, allowing single-piece shipmentsin lengths up to 50 feet; constructed of7 gauge hot-rolled steel or 304L stainlesssteel (optional). • Standard construction: 12 gauge hot rolled steel construction, pickled and oiled ASTM A569, Type 1010. • Optional constructions: 11 gauge hot rolled steel Galvanneal A60 grade Aluminum 304L or 316 stainless steel • Polyester powder coat finish. Available colors: Gray – ANSI 61, Munsell 8.3BG 6.10/0.54 Gray – ANSI 70, Munsell 5BG 7.0/0.4 Green – Munsell 7GY 3.29/1.5 • Degrees of protection: NEMA 3R standard; NEMA 1, 4X, 12 and 13 optional. • Fan system in NEMA 1 and 3R enclosures; air conditioning in NEMA 4X, 12 and 13. • Stainless steel hinges, hinge pins, fasteners and associated hardware. • Doors on front and rear of enclosure for easy access.Seam cap, drip edge andpitched roof provide maximum • Control compartment equipped with thermostatically controlled heaterrain protection. and GFI duplex outlet. • Interior lighting in control compartment, main disconnect compartment and all compartments containing medium-voltage power components.
  3. 3. ElectricalFeatures Controllers can switch stages based on current, power factor, temperature, Main fuses provide time or voltage. over-current protection to main bus, back-up protection to power components. AUtO / OFF / ON Arresters protect from transient switches, and Stage over-current caused by lightning or OFF and Stage ON switching. Heavy-duty distribution press-to-test pilot lights. class arresters standard; intermediate station class optional. Fused control power transformer is located ahead of main disconnect, allowing control and protection circuits to be tested before main power is applied. Main disconnect switch, located in isolated compartment, allows arresters, main fuses and other components to be serviced without the need to disconnect power to the feed bus.Metal-Enclosed,Power Capacitor Banks
  4. 4. Air-insulated, load-break main disconnect switch equipped with mechanicallyinterlocked ground switch, which grounds the load-side for safety during maintenance.External operation provides the visible break required by National Electrical Code. Copper power bus rated at 1,000 amperes RMS per inch2 throughout. Ground switch transient Inrush Reactors Multi-stage power capacitor banks are equipped with air-core, dry-type, single- phase transient inrush reactors that reduce the frequency and magnitude of the inrush current that result from back-to-back switching of stages.
  5. 5. Capacitor banks are configured ungroundedwye standard, delta or grounded wye optional.Externally fused units are standard, internallyfused available upon request.All capacitors use environmentally friendly,biodegradable dielectric fluid with noPCB content.Internal discharge resistors reduce residualvoltage to less than 50 volts within five minutesof de-energizing.low-loss, double-bushing capacitor unitsmeet or exceed IEC 871 and IEEE Standard 18.Rear-entry doors provide easy access tocapacitor units; simple capacitor mountingsystem facilitates removal and change-out. Each capacitor unit is protected against case rupture by a current-limited fuse with a 63kA RMS symmetrical interrupting capacity.Stages are controlled by single-phase vacuumswitches (pictured), single-phase oil switches,three-phase vacuum interrupters or three-phasevacuum contactors. Automatic detection system provides both local and remote indication that one or more capacitor unit fuses in a stage has operated. Electric Power Products
  6. 6. Typical Capacitor Bank Schematic Power Capacitor Bank Power Capacitor Ground Switch Unit Fuses Power Capacitor Units Transient Inrush S2 Main Disconnect Reactors, Optional Switch C1 F1 S1 L1 A C2 F2 MOV1 C3 F3 Power Input L2 B C4 F4 MOV2 C5 F5 L3 C C6 F6 MOV3 Arresters CT1 CPT1 Control Power Neutral Current Transformer, Transformer to Neutral Unbalance RelayRepresentative Applications • Wind farms • Oil refineries • Utility substations www.maysteel.com MAyStEEl Electric Power Products W142 N9041 Fountain Blvd. , Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 PO Box 1240, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052-1240 • Phone 877/219-9728 • Fax 262/251-0069© 2007 Maysteel, LLC SS125 - 2/07