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How (digital) marketing conquered the world, and lost itself

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Slideshow of the presentation I gave at the Hamburg Marketing 2.0 conference on May 13th 2014

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How (digital) marketing conquered the world, and lost itself

  1. 1. @fredcavazza How (digital) marketing conquered the world, and lost itself Marketing 2.0 Conference, May 13th, Hamburg
  2. 2. @fredcavazza Frédéric Cavazza ? • 41, Paris • Consultant, speaker, author • 8 blogs since 2003 (FredCavazza.net) ! ! ! Internet mobile La révolutions des terminaux alternatifs ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Frédéric CAVAZZA
  3. 3. @fredcavazza About marketing
  4. 4. @fredcavazza What went wrong? And things will get even worse!
  5. 5. @fredcavazza We lost control…
  6. 6. @fredcavazza Marketing basics • Market comprehension • Competition • Trends… • Customer knowledge • Needs • Constraints • Motivation • Psychological locks… All went fine until the web came in…
  7. 7. @fredcavazza A natural fit • Organizations needed someone to take care of the web • Marketers where the perfect candidates because they knew about customers and analytics Marketers’ new world revolved around traffic acquisition
  8. 8. @fredcavazza Marketing became communication WTF? Marketing should be about comprehension, not visibility
  9. 9. @fredcavazza Engagement RateGRP The world changed Marketers began chasing their own tail
  10. 10. @fredcavazza E-marketing gone wild • Cost per like • Snackable content • Advertainment • Appvertising • Growth hacking… Too much buzzwords to be honest
  11. 11. @fredcavazza Intuition + improvisation From intuition to algorithm Predictive analytics + programmatic buying Education is key in order not to destroy marketing’s perceived value
  12. 12. @fredcavazza Marketers feel insecure Source : Adobe « Digital Roadblock », may 2014
  13. 13. @fredcavazza We must stay focus
  14. 14. @fredcavazza Internet is not marketing’s problem Everybody is working on / for the internet
  15. 15. @fredcavazza Oversimplification is toxic • Social CRM is the new marketing • Community manager is the new CMO • App install rate is the new edge rank • Responsive design is the new CMS • Predictive algorithm is the new media planner Keep calm and carry on (in a SoLoMo world)
  16. 16. @fredcavazza « Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again » Marketing is a flat circle Focus on customers knowledge and market comprehension
  17. 17. @fredcavazza Marketing as a partner • Sales needs insights • Communication needs insights • CRM needs insights • HR needs insights • IT needs insights… Marketing does not sell, it helps others to sell
  18. 18. @fredcavazza We must regain control
  19. 19. @fredcavazza Insights, traffic or conversion? Prelaunch Launch Post launch Relaunch Insights Exposure Reputation Retention It all depends on your product lifecycle
  20. 20. @fredcavazza « the best way to have a million customers is to have a 100 million users » Know your market How does this apply to everyday brands? Silicon Valley is not the real world
  21. 21. @fredcavazza Be honest with your brand Normal brand don’t have fans Do not overpromise
  22. 22. @fredcavazza New supports => New tools Buzzfeed Customer Journey Natural Language Processing Community Management Systems Omni-channel analytics … Rich narratives Connected stores Mobile Apps Micro videos Upgrade your tools to stay in the competition Native ads
  23. 23. @fredcavazza New domains => New roles Storytelling IoTData Mobile Social Usability UXP Chief Experience Officer Chief Social Officer Chief Mobile Officer Chief Data Officer Chief Conversion Officer … Marketing is not the answer to everything What we need is a new organization Moderation
  24. 24. @fredcavazza Thank you for
 your attention