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neccton_Mentor white paper

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what is mentor? mentor is a customer-centric, responsible gaming solution that supports players’ gaming decisions. mentor provides players with personalized statistics and charts on their individual gaming behavior. mentor is a
scientifically tested product that can be used across all gaming channels and for all game types.

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neccton_Mentor white paper

  1. 1. super. wise. your game. mentor – a solution by
  2. 2. why mentor? mentor benefits the operator, the player and the community in general. › › › satisfied players mentor’s main objective is player protection. For most players, gambling is an enjoyable leisure activity. However, a small minority of players can encounter problems. mentor detects undesirable behavioral tendencies and initiates personalized communication with players, preventing problematic developments. Players continue to enjoy your product, and customer satisfaction increases. ››› increased loyalty The gaming market – especially the online market – is a highly competitive environment. Attracting new players is expensive, and every customer lost is a lost invest- ment. Loyalty is the key to an increased player lifetime. The longer players use your products, the higher the revenue per player. Once players run into gambling problems, however, they are quickly lost forever. mentor helps players to enjoy gambling within limits, while extending their lifespan as a player. This gives you the opportunity to build up a stable and profitable customer relationship. In this way, mentor benefits both players and operators. › › › increased trustmark Attracting players in the highly competitive gaming market requires extensive marketing investment. How can players distinguish trustworthy operators? mentor’s objective and transparent approach is a true statement of trust. It signals a strong customer-centric approach. A high level of trust increases and strengthens existing customer relationships, and helps to attract new customers. mentor also signals transparency to regulators and the communi- ty, which in turn increases confidence in operators. › › › know your players mentor not only supports informed player choice. It also helps operators gain more insight into players’ behavio- ral patterns. mentor supplies operators with valuable information through standardized reports. The standar- dized data interface can be used to immediately answer ad hoc and recurring questions. This knowledge can in turn be used to optimize the player experience and keep gambling safe and enjoyable. › › › easy to integrate mentor is a standardized software product, and its GAMSciLogic can be used across all channels. mentor comes with multiple player language capability, a central multi-language wording repository and many more features. neccton guarantees minimal integration time and integration costs! what is mentor? mentor is a customer-centric, responsible gaming solution that supports players’ gaming decisions. mentor provides players with personalized statistics and charts on their individual gaming behavior. mentor is a scientifically tested product that can be used across all gaming channels and for all game types. super. wise. your game.
  3. 3. mentor’s scientific principles! › › › psychology of gambling Players have different motivations for gambling. Some players gamble primarily to relax, whereas other gamb- lers seek action and adrenalin. These, along with several other motivators, lead to specific playing patterns. mentor extracts those patterns and advises gamblers accordingly. › › › informed player choice mentor is based on the theory of informed player choice. Real change can only be initiated by individuals themsel- ves. mentor provides players with individual and objecti- ve feedback. Importantly, mentor also provides normati- ve feedback, which has been proven to be most effective. › › › motivational self-efficacy enhancement Studies have shown that messages during or after play have harm minimization effects on gambling behavior. mentor goes one step further by personalizing communi- cation with players. mentor’s communication plan is based on the concept of motivational interviewing, which has proven to be successful in a range of areas. mentor’s GAMSciLogic controls who receives which message at which point in time. › › › recovery in the absence of abstinence Studies have shown that up to 95% of recovered problem gamblers still occasionally gamble. Primarily, mentor helps to keep gambling safe and fun. However, it also supports the small percentage of gamblers who overextend themselves. how does mentor work? mentor utilizes personalized behavioral tracking data in order to give personalized feedback. mentor’s analysis engine extracts and processes player data. The data is then loaded into the GAMSciLogic, which determines when to tell what to whom. player PC laptop poker casino sports betting mobile tablet internet VLT game operator
  4. 4. www.neccton.com neccton ltd. is an international software and consultancy company based in England and Austria. neccton is specialized in the fields of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Please contact Michael Auer, our mentor sales representative, at m.auer@neccton.com or +43 650 4783160. We are happy to answer all your questions and to give you a demonstration of mentor! Why you should use mentor from a scientific point of view! Perhaps most importantly, and according to online gambling companies who use socially responsible behavioural tracking tools, it is a significant change in usual online behaviour that is most indicative of a problem gambler › › › M.D. Grifiths, 2011 It is recommended that key-stakeholders consider implementing warning signs with appraisal oriented message contents to enhance the potential of this harm minimization strategy to reduced gambling related harms › › › S.M. Monoghan & A. Blaszczynski, 2010 One approach to assisting individuals to gamble responsibly may be to focus on signs that encourage players to reflect on the amount of time or money they have spent, compare expenditure to personally set limits, and consider whether they need appropriate self-regulatory action › › › S.M. Monoghan & A. Blaszczynski, 2010 Motivational Interviewing - consistent practice does significantly increase client change talk and decrease resistance › › › W.R. Miller & G.S. Rose, 2009 Self-efficacy is a key element in motivation for change and is a reasonably good predictor of treatment outcome › › › Miller & Rollnick 1991 Presenting correct information about peer group norms in a believable fashion is hypothesized to reduce perceived peer pressure and increase the likelihood that individuals will express preexisting attitudes and beliefs that are health promoting › › › A.D.Berkowitz, 2000 The results suggest that harm minimization strategies that help individuals maintain a rational perspective while gambling may protect them from unreasonable risk-taking › › › Jardin B.F. & E. Wulfert, 2012 Ninety per cent of those in the recovery group participated in some form of gambling in the past year › › › W.S. Slutske et al., 2010