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Everything is a Metaphor

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My presentation at the #restartedu Imaginarium organised by @crosro & @techsoupro in Bucharest Romania 25/26 February 2012
This Is My Brain on Co-creating Open Metaphors

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  • Oops - I meant slide 16 - not 15
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  • Ah - so I'm a heutagogy person. Thanks Fred for the encouragement of slide 15 - especially points 1,4 and 6. It helps to hang on in there if those are recgonised characteristics - and part of the pattern - not just personal incompetence or insanity which is how it often feels. Slide 19 - lovely - that's what I've been busy with today.
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  • Font errors corrected on slide 9 on old new metaphors
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  • Blog post to support this presentation with links & opportunity to comment http://crosquals.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/everything-is-a-metaphor/
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Everything is a Metaphor

  1. 1. Everything is a Metaphor @fredgarnett
  2. 2. #restartedu What is this?
  3. 3. A Roman Road? Of course!
  4. 4. But first it was a Greek Canal
  5. 5. And next a Persian Postal Service
  6. 6. Only then a way of conquering Europe
  7. 7. Your metaphors change how you seeAffected by;•Cultural Context•Values•Meaning•PurposeWhat Metaphors are you designing for?
  8. 8. Active & KnowledgeableNew MetaphorsThree Current Projects• WikiQuals; Participative Education for Participative Democracy (myBias)• Ambient Learning City; Creating extra- institutional contexts for learning• Emergent Learning Model; Using EU Policy to redesign the Future of Learning
  9. 9. Old but from the futureThree Old Projects with new metaphors Three Old Projects with new metaphorsCreekside Education Trust; an NGO promoting TrustenvironmentalEducation Trust; urban ecology • Creekside education thru an NGO promoting environmental education thru urban ecologyTaLENT; A A Community Grid for Learning • TaLENT; Community Grid for Learningteaching teachers how toto usethe Internet teaching teachers how use Internet • Citizen Connects; A local governmentCitizen Connects; A digitalgovernment initiative to promote local citizenshipinitiative to promote digital citizenship
  10. 10. Change; the Rule of Threes• Do it as you are told (DO)• Modify what you did last time (REFLECT)• Change what you did completely (CHANGE) OR Fail fast & Fail often & Learn from your experience
  11. 11. Brief from Vlad on New Projects• Don’t Invent a new Facebook• We did in 2001 Cybrarian working prototype• UK Govt – DfES REJECTED IT! Why?• The New Metaphor didn’t exist; The term social network did not exist then• lastfridaymob; What is “Public Technology”Creative/Interactive/Participative
  12. 12. Learner-Generated Contexts• But Public Technology group did not work• “Let’s reconfigure as a Research Group”• Don’t reinvent Facebook!• OK! So what’s next? From Access to Content to Context;• So design for the social context you want“a coincidence of motivations leading to agile configurations”
  13. 13. The Open Context Model of LearningPedagogy; subjects, facts, teaching, cognitionAndragogy; collaboration, negotiation, meta-cognitionHeutagogy; research, creativity, epistemic cognition
  14. 14. P A H Teacher Teacher/ Learner Learner School Adult ResearchCognition Meta- Epistemic Cognition Cognition
  15. 15. Heutagogy & InnovationHeutagogy creates new metaphors;• moving criteria across contexts• Interdisciplinary; learning from & working with other disciplines• creating the (participatory) future
  16. 16. Collaboration not LeadershipGroup Genius how creative teams work;1) Innovation Emerges Over Time;2) Successful Collaborative Teams Practice Deep Listening;3) Team members build on their collaborators’ ideas;4) Only afterwards does the meaning of each idea become clear;5) Surprising Questions Emerge6) Innovation is Inefficient;7) Innovation Emerges From The Bottom Up;New Metaphors need new collaborations
  17. 17. Transformative Creativity“Transformative creativity results when a group thinks of a new way to frame a problem” Keith Sawyer in Group GeniusBottom Up?; use participatory design principles or participative curationDesign for appropriation, design for the network, design for new use states“Solve the problem that *annoys* you most” Philippa Young
  18. 18. Some thoughts on CollaborationI believe in collaborations because I have been involved in manyKeep the organising group small (<12)Keep the delivery group small (<150)Design for “organised complexity”Allow for emergence (non-linear dynamic systems)Develop new metaphors / new collaborations / new partnerships
  19. 19. How to be SuccessfulDO StuffDiscussReflectCHANGE Together
  20. 20. A Way of Conquering Europe?
  21. 21. Is your metaphor;• A Connection•A System•A Way forward• AmbitiousWho are your Metaphors for?
  22. 22. My ideas / Your ideas@fredgarnettComments, text & links; http://crosquals.wordpress.comIdeas; http://www.slideshare.net/fredgarnett/Blog; http://heutagogicarchive.wordpress.com/Future Ideas; NeXT-2021Email; fred.garnett@gmail.com
  23. 23. Everything is a MetaphorA talk by @fredgarnettFor @crosroThe #restartedu ImaginariumBucharest, Romania, February 2012“Hello Budapest”  <might be a joke…