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Profit With Hangouts Main Course

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Profit With Hangouts Main Course

How to use Google Hangouts On Air to profit in your business.


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Profit With Hangouts Main Course

  1. 1. Profits With Google Hangouts Today’s Video Ranking Secrets
  2. 2. Google has not endorsed, reviewed or supported this training. Any Trademarks or copyrighted names are the property of their rightful owners and does not imply any endorsements of this product, training or service. Names withheld to protect the innocent and the guilty. There are no financial guarantees. We may or may not be paid for tools or services we suggest. This information is offered only for educational purposes. We cannot guarantee you will make money with any information or training we supply to you. We do not know you or if you are going to use the information we give you. Be smart and invest wisely and only after you have completely investigated everything offered and the complete cost financially and emotionally to you and your business. Don’t sue us. Our Disclosure. Please Read and Understand.
  3. 3. Making The Video A Bob Yeager Interview - A simple Call-To-Action Slideshare - A hangout With Screen Share ➔ Use Google Drive Presentation (aka powerpoint) if you are afraid to be on camera. ➔ Invite someone that is known as an authority into your Hangout to help with your video. ➔ Just do the Hangout alone. You’ll get the point across and hopefully become the authority.
  4. 4. Hangout Titles Use your main keyword in the first part of your title. Use the “pipe,” or “dash,” to separate your secondary keyword which should be a synonym of your main keyword.
  5. 5. Hangout Titles Continued Google has changed their keyword search algorithm with the Hummingbird update and you should build your Hangout titles while thinking about this. (Now Google is focusing on context and trying to understand user’s intent in order to deliver more relevant results and better answers. Google has made search more “human friendly” by making Google better at understanding language and how people communicate.) Use Questions or Answers that relate to your keywords In Your Titles. (keyword- “hot sauce.” ex. title- “The Best Uses For Hot Sauce| Hot Sauces Aren’t Just For Wings!)
  6. 6. Use Your Hangout Embed Codes To Share Links and To Embed Your Hangout on other Sites. “YouTube Code Is To Watch The Hangout / HTML Is To Embed For Websites” When Your Hangout/Video Is Embedded On Other Sites Google Takes This As A Strong Sign Your Information Is Valuable.
  7. 7. Record Your Hangout Keep Your Hangout As Short As Possible. Respect Your Viewers Time.
  8. 8. Profit With Hangouts Before You End Your Video... Always Use A Strong Call-To- Action Continue The Conversation Somewhere. (Your Website, FaceBook Page/Group or In Your Comments)
  9. 9. Your YouTube SEO... Your Title Will Be What You Named Your Hangout. The First Thing In Your Description Box Should Be Your Main Keyword And a Synonym of Your Keyword In A Sentence Structure. Use Affiliate Links, Web URLs or Other Links After Your Main Keyword Sentence. (You can always edit after you publish your video to make sure your links are in the right place.)
  10. 10. When You Write Your Description, Try to use 250-600 word articles that are relevant to your video and keyword. Include Your Social Links. Include The YouTube URL Of Your Video At The End Of The Description. Your Tags Should Use Your Keyword First. Synonym Second and Third. Your Name or Company Name. DON’T KEYWORD STUFF YOUR VIDEOS! IT CONFUSES GOOGLE.
  11. 11. Use Annotations sparingly Click the advanced tab and set your location and upload date. Don’t Use Video Monetization For Marketing Videos. GEO Targeting your Hangout will tell YouTube and Google where your target audience is located. Zip Codes, Cities or States keep you in front of your Main Buyers.
  12. 12. Now For The Sneaky Stuff! Embed Your Hangout on different web properties. Embeds are a sign to Google That People Like Your Video. Social Proof. Backlinks To Your Videos. Tells Google People Think What You Are Saying Is Important. More Social Proof. Social Media Sites (Digg,Facebook,etc.) Links from web 2.0 sites are being tracked by Google as Social Interaction.
  13. 13. Use All Of The URLs To Diversify Your Links Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm5162K7cQU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm5162K7cQU/ https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gm5162K7cQU https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gm5162K7cQU/ http://youtu.be/Gm5162K7cQU/ http://youtu.be/Gm5162K7cQU Remove or Add “www” and “/” to Create alternative URLs
  14. 14. The Checklist: 1. Launch Your Hangout 2. Title Your Hangout With Main Keyword and A Synonym In Question or Answer Format 3. Prepare Your Embed Codes. (The HTML Code Is For Embedding) 4. Record The Hanout; End The Hangout 5. Head Over To YouTube a. Make Any Edits You May Need b. Do Your Title, Description and Tags c. Edit Your Advanced Settings d. Main Keyword and Synonym As First Sentence e. Call-To-Action or Affiliate Link Above The Fold f. Use 250-600 Word Article In Description g. Place YouTube Video Link At The End Of Article
  15. 15. The Checklist Continued: 6. Take YouTube URL and Create The 6 Alternate URLs 7. Take Alternate URLs and Put Into URL Shotgun To Create List Of Shortened Links 8. Use Shortened URLs and Give To Fiverr Service Providers 9. Buy Video Embed Gig 10. Buy Backlink Gig(s) 11. Buy YouTube Views Gig (Don’t Go Crazy. You Don’t Need or Want a Million Views) 12. Join Facebook Group 13. Grab Google Hangout Quick Start Guide 14. Join Ronnie’s Hangout Mastery Group
  16. 16. Final Thoughts... YouTube May End Up Being The Largest Search Engine One Day. Google Powers That Engine and Hangouts Is A Great Tool.
  17. 17. Frank Schwarz Profit With Hangouts