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Best Campaigns of 2013 (Part 2)

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Best Campaigns of 2013 (Part 2)

  1. 1. Campaigns of 2013 that were different…and made a mark!
  2. 2. 1. TanishqConfessions of a Bride
  3. 3. Background It‟s the season of weddings in India. Brides and grooms want theirs to be that one wedding they‟ll always remember. Also, Today‟s bride is the one who writes her own destiny, does the undoable and breaks the rules Tanishq, one of India‟s largest retail jewellery brand from Tata, is on a mission to fulfil wedding wishes of these brides-to-be through their online campaign „Confessions of a Bride‟.
  4. 4. Mechanism • The month-long campaign is urging brides in the country to confess their secret wish for a unique wedding idea and the brand might just make it come true for a few of them! • Tanishq has developed a website „http://tanishqweddings.com„ complete with every required information for a wedding.
  5. 5. • Apart from listing the Tanishq wedding catalogue and collection, one can also check out – various wedding rituals in the country, – meet a stylist – book an appointment at a Tanishq store – make use of useful tools like the wedding planner and gift registry – Create your own wedding Hastag • There are many reasons to confess. While the most unique confessions will be fulfilled, the other brides can get a makeover or have their wedding dress designed by Tanishq.
  6. 6. The social networks of Tanishq have been actively promoting „Confessions of a Bride‟. Underwater shots of Sandhya and Rahul have been its Facebook and Twitter pages to drive fans to the website shared on Associations with Styling, Skin and make-up trainers have been made to address to the curiosity of a to- be bride and to share tips.
  7. 7. Where does the campaign earn the brownie points??? By fulfilling such wishes closest to a bride‟s heart, Tanishq gets a step closer to its target consumer – the bride-to-be, while also promoting its wedding collection. • The campaign – engages, – relates, – and makes the women think, that this can be my wedding. • The website in itself is a one-stop shop for the bride. It reaches out to the woman for her every possible wedding need. (Agency-Interactive Avenues)
  8. 8. 2. Vogue EyewearLaunch of the Indian Brand Ambassador
  9. 9. Objective Fashionable eyewear brand Vogue Eyewear from the Italy-based Luxury Group had recently signed up Deepika Padukone as its India brand ambassador Vogue Eyewear wanted to move beyond traditional mediums to launch its India face. Also, the brand wanted to strike a chord with the target audience and generate significant buzz.
  10. 10. The Execution • The idea was to use digital as the primary medium to unveil the new brand ambassador, and in order to do this, the world‟s largest fan generated mosaic on a microsite was built • It invited fans to join and guess the celebrity. • The microsite enabled both Facebook and Twitter login. Users had to pick their guess from the given list of celebrities. The guesses were shared on the users‟ Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #GuessWhoIsInVogueEyewear. • Slowly, the mosaic built up to reveal the new face of Vogue Eyewear India.
  11. 11. • The right guesses were given cool incentives too - an iPhone 5 every week and a chance to meet Deepika Padukone and get styling tips from her. • Also there were hidden prizes too…In that mosaic were 100 stars which if found could win the participant branded gift hampers. • This supplemented with Twitter activities ensured fans were thoroughly engaged • Influential fashion bloggers like Miss Malini, Stylish by nature, etc. and social media influencers like Tinu Cherian, etc. added to the popularity
  12. 12. Results • The world‟s largest fan generated mosaic was built with over 20,000 unique entries • The microsite where the mosaic was housed received a total of 40,216 page views • Out of these over 28,000 were unique • Visitors spent an average of over three minutes on the site • Over 9,000 people liked the microsite by connecting with their Facebook profiles • Twitter followers shot up by 280% and Facebook fans in India increased by 390% • Over 100,000 mentions and 41 million impressions were generated over one month (Agency- Brand movers India)
  13. 13. 3. TRESemmeRamp Ready hair
  14. 14. Ramp Ready hair by TRESemme To strenghthen its position in the premium hair care segment, TRESemmé India is being seen across all mediums talking about giving the consumer an experience of ‟ramp ready hair‟. To take this positioning a step further- the brand launched an interactive salon through its YouTube channel The channel was hosted by actress and brand ambassador Diana Penty with DIY videos that take a step-by-step approach for the featured ramp ready hairstyles.
  15. 15. Mechanism • „Start‟ will take the user to the welcome message by Diana where she invites to visit backstage • One is then given options to proceed to backstage or skip to the DIYs section. • If one select‟s to visit the backstage, Diana will ask for your name and photograph to get you an access card. The image for the photograph can be pulled up from Facebook, your computer or from your webcam. • The users exclusive virtual access to a fashion show and witnesses what happens before a ramp walk. • One can pick a hairstyle and learn how to do it yourself. • The users can then make there own videos of a fashion show with the backstage pictures and the hairstyles learned by them.
  16. 16. Blogger Outreach • It also partnered with Indiblogger, to host a blogging contest where bloggers had to choose a hair style from the YouTube channel, try it and blog about their experiences. • And there are 15 Samsung Galaxy Tabs, 30 Panasonic hair straighteners and 55 Shoppers Stop gift vouchers to be won! • The contest invites fresh entries and will be judged only on creativity, not on votes. • The only thing it mandates is a link to the YouTube channel, so the blog readers could be aware of it too.
  17. 17. Results The concept is a winner – on the one side, it gives consumers valuable information with do it yourself video tutorials and on the other it talks about the brand, associating it with the much desirable „ramp ready hair‟. • The YouTube channel garnered 1586 subscribers with 1.2 million video views • 170+ entries were made by the bloggers which were further shared in their network as well
  18. 18. 4. Garnier Men Lights Up Homes With „PowerLight A Village‟
  19. 19. Founded two years ago, Project Chirag has been instrumental in providing Solar based electrification to over 125 villages across the country In a bid to light up more homes, Project Chirag has collaborated with male grooming brand, Garnier Men India in a unique social campaign – „PowerLight a Village‟ The „PowerLight A Village‟ campaign aims at creating awareness among consumers to contribute through their pledges on social media.
  20. 20. The Concept • Every like, share and comment would contribute a predetermined unit of energy. • This was coupled with on-ground activations where men can pedal bicycles which will record the energy generated. • A summation of all these activities will eventually be translated into actual energy donation through solar equipment
  21. 21. The Activity • The page admins have been creating a buzz through every update by sharing hard hitting facts • Soon the page shared updates from the face of Garnier Men and Bollywood actor John Abraham, asking the fans to pledge their support after revealing about the social campaign. • A Facebook app was created for PowerLight a Village. It was divided into two sections – – – The Contribution The Impact, • The Contribution displays the virtual watts generated by the campaign in real time through the energy meter • The Impact display the impact the movement has made in the villages
  22. 22. How well executed is the campaign? As much as CSR campaigns help in branding, this one goes far in strengthening its tagline „Take Care‟. Apart from lighting up homes with no access to electricity, the brand has also managed to rope in its online community as a part of this initiative. Along with a brilliant concept, „PowerLight a village‟ excels in its cool design and execution. The Facebook app is adorable especially for the line drawings. And an app showing your actual contribution is vital in a CSR campaign. The idea of a map to demonstrate the impact of the movement, coupled with the live energy meter make up for a good user experience. Agency- FoxyMoron
  23. 23. 5. Pepsi IndiaOh, Yes Abhi
  24. 24. Concept Oh, Yes Abhi‟ proposition (Global version is „Live for Now‟) by PepsiCo India is based on the premise that „impulsive, impatient‟ are some of the characteristics of Youngistan. To take further this positioning the brand undertook two campaigns1. Pepsi Shot 60 2. Music Abhi
  25. 25. Pepsi Shot 60 The brand gave online users the opportunity to shoot and showcase a 60-second film. In line with the brand‟s „now‟ proposition, users had 24 hours to prepare the script, shoot the video, edit and submit it online. The theme revealed was the lyrics from the soundtrack of the commercial. Contestants could pick any line and make a film on it. The top 10 entries were showcased on Pepsi's Facebook community, which has 36 lakh fans. The three films to get most votes on Facebook were rewarded Apart from the top three getting monetary rewards, the winner, is also being provided the opportunity to intern at a film production company.
  26. 26. Results • Pepsi promoted their campaign for a mere 2 days and received over 200 entries. • The hashtag #PepsiShot60 trended on twitter throughout the promotion of the contest. • The brand well utilized this campaign to create fan loyalty to their product. Use of the product and brand name was a necessity to participate. This ensured brand visibility.
  27. 27. Music Abhi • Live music concerts are loved by the youth. • And through online and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo.com, as part of „now‟ proposition, an on-demand digital live concert „Music Abhi‟ was designed. • Raghu Dixit & Spud in the Box performed gigs voted by the social media audience. The concept was well received & over 10,000 people attended the concert virtually! (Agency-Jack in the Box)
  28. 28. 6. Sony PixAnti-Alien Day
  29. 29. ChallengeHollywood movie channels use conventional content to engage their consumers on social platforms (Facebook and Twitter) leaving less space for innovation. Sony Pix wanted a novel engagement strategy for their social presence. The challenge was to create unique content and break away from the content clutter. ObjectiveSony Pix was introducing the first Interactive premier of Hollywood blockbuster MIB 3 on Indian TV screens. Their task was to promulgate the “interactive premier” with an unconventional content strategy that educates and engages the users.
  30. 30. StrategyInstead of creating regular content buckets they chose a guerrilla marketing approach. In a bid to create curiosity they branded 10th March (day of MIB 3 premiere) as „AntiAlien Day‟ as MIB3 is all about aliens. They took the liberty to establish humans with unearthly behaviour as aliens – be it pan spitting individuals or rickshaw drivers who refuse to ferry people around.
  31. 31. Execution They created characters showcasing varied „alien‟ traits and sporting quirky names. For e.g. Pan Thookiya (Red spitter-us) Over 10 days, 8 characters were introduced with unruly behaviour via Facebook posts. Simultaneously a Twitter contest urging users to get rid of these aliens by retweeting was launched. To add to the momentum a Facebook app was created in the second phase. The app let users eliminate aliens by sharing, commenting and tagging thus creating buzz. The user could eliminate 2 aliens every day. After 10 days of alien busting users were introduced to the MIB3 premier date. The next 5 days focused on content around the film – trivia, facts etc.
  32. 32. Results On Facebook, the campaign went viral and accomplished a growth in fans by 6.5% while 'Talking about' reached 108K. There were a total of 66K+ likes and 3K+ comments in just 7 days. The total followers on SonyPIX Twitter account hiked by 8% within 15 days. The incoming interaction witnessed a total of 2.7K + replies, 3.3 K + retweets and 6.6K + mentions. The reach went beyond 305K and the hash-tag #PIXAntialien trended globally on 1st March 2013 and 2nd and 4th March 2013 in India. (Agency- Tonic Media)
  33. 33. 7. KFCWOW@25
  34. 34. Scan Your Money To Discover KFC India‟s WOW Menu “25 me khao, kha ke bolo WOW” seems to be KFC India‟s latest proposition to lure the youngsters away from McDonalds India‟s „Happy Price‟ menu at Rs.25. KFC has launched the Rs.25 deal targeted to the ever cash-strapped college going kids Extending this WOW factor to other mediums, KFC has brought in a WOW quiz with cool prizes, where the user has to discover the new WOW menu through an augmented reality app and answer related questions The app that has been developed by Blink Solution is available across a variety of digital platforms like mobile (iOS and Android) and web. It scans any Indian currency note in the denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500, and suggests KFC food items that users can buy with the respective money!
  35. 35. Process Step 1- Scan the note with webcam, while ensuring the note is crisp and there is enough light Step 2- The WOW menu will come alive through augmented reality Step 3- One can take the WOW quiz with 25 questions about this new menu within 25 seconds and he stands to win the grand prize of an iPad or KFC vouchers worth Rs. 500 daily. You can then submit your name and email. http://kfcwow25.com/
  36. 36. Analysis of the campaign… It was done well in terms of the design, the execution and the thought given to having both low and high resolution Another amplifying factor is the Facebook and Twitter sharing options on the app However, there is one tiny setback – youngsters cannot be expected to have crisp notes at all times!
  37. 37. 9. eBayeBay Check
  38. 38. eBay India, has launched a Google Chrome extension that could possibly change the world of online shopping as we know. The official Google Chrome extension from the ecommerce brand called „eBay Check‟, enables a consumer to do some smart shopping online. Once installed on your Chrome browser, whenever you‟re shopping online on any site or even just researching a product, eBay Check gets into action to give you the best price on ebay India available through an auto drop down. The extension also doubles up as a shopping search engine. Just click on the eBay Check icon on your Google Chrome bar and directly search for the best deals on any products on ebay India.
  39. 39. eBay Check social media buzz Ever since the launch of this new feature, the ecommerce brand has been encouraging netizens to install the extension and experience a smarter way to shop, by way of contests. eBay partnered with Indiblogger, an Indian blogger community to host „The Future of Shopping„ blogging contest, where bloggers were asked to imagine shopping in the year 2030. The most radical and thought provoking posts would win big – iPhone, iPod, external hard drive and eBay vouchers!
  40. 40. Meanwhile, the eBay India Twitter handle also helped spread the contest by asking Twitter users to share their meaning of eBay check. On Facebook, the 2.3 million strong fan base could win a Rs.1000 off eBay coupon by just installing the extension and sharing the screenshot of their Facebook profile featuring the eBay check icon on the Google Chrome search bar
  41. 41. 2,73,101 users and still counting! The 15-day campaign has yielded more than 170 stories on the future of shopping It takes away from consumer hassles of finding the best price online and as for eBay, the ecommerce brand has found a winner that will drive more traffic to the site. The social media promotions for eBay Check are worth taking a note of – Simple, simultaneous and integrated with each network. The imaginative blogging contest enabling bloggers to fire up their imagination on the future of shopping is particularly exciting about the promotions.
  42. 42. 10. Jack & JonesBlack Valentine
  43. 43. Background Come February, you see brands and their associated marketers getting all busy with how to attract the young crowd with Valentine‟s day contests and promotions! The Indian social media mainstream is still in love with the concept of Valentine‟s Day, a day of love to be shared with your loved one. But, there are a significant number of people who don‟t buy into the mushy nature of all these activities and are being actively irritated and antagonized by these brand activities. The brand decided to go against the general flow and deliver Jack & Jones‟ message to these people, inorder to break through the insane clutter that is generated on social platforms on Valentine‟s day.
  44. 44. The TG 1. Males with an affinity for class and style. 2. Males who were unaffected by social pressures and were ‘Single By Choice’ The core communication ‘I am single and I am bloody proud of it!’
  45. 45. The Activity They came up with a Black Valentine Gallery which was hosted on Facebook. This gallery gave a chance for males in our TG to declare to the world that they did not buy into the whole Valentine Day thing and that they were good with being single by choice. This gallery was cross promoted on to Twitter and we asked our followers to tweet with the #BlackValentine hashtag. Fans and followers were asked to change their display pics of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and BBM to the ones designed on so that Black Valentine communication could have more reach among today‟s texting obsessed
  46. 46. What did they get right? The attractive creatives and witty content increased the shareability of this content and thus greater reach for Jack & Jones. They got a whole lotta conversations going because of their approach to Valentine‟s day. These conversations were a great opportunity for us to plug in Jack & Jones with the right context. It helped Jack & Jones greatly in getting above the usual chaos and reach out to a significant amount of people
  47. 47. Results In a span of 3 days, they received 4743 visits to the App and downloads were as follows- • • • • • • 1681 Facebook Cover Photos, 781 Facebook Display Pictures, 249 Twitter Header Images, 193 Twitter Backgrounds, 202 WhatsApp 481 BBM Display Pictures, Making it a grand total of 3587 downloads (Agency-Wat Consult)
  48. 48. 11. Coca-Cola„Small World Machines‟
  49. 49. The viral, having more than 23,52,000 views, placed two camera equipped Coke vending machines set up in Lahore and Delhi. The film features Indians and Pakistanis interacting with each other, via the machine. Despite sharing historical and cultural links, the borders of India and Pakistan are divided by barbed wire with both nations sharing mutual hostility and suspicion. This ad from Coca-Cola aimed to break down these barriers with new technology to share common interests in a fun way. The key to engaging with each other through the machines was simple: people in India and Pakistan could complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols -- together. At the end of it, the machine dispensed a can of Coca-Cola to each one. It took the „Open Happiness‟ concept to an entirely new level.
  50. 50. 12. NestleStart Healthy Stay Healthy
  51. 51. Concept Start Healthy Stay Healthy is Nestlé‟s maternal and infant nutrition education program It is dedicated to address global health concerns and provide sciencebased nutrition services and practical advice to parents and caregivers in the crucial first 1000 days
  52. 52. Website The website is a one stop shop for all moms It educates moms on issues related to healthduring and after pregnancy The website covers a vast range of topics from pregnancy Guide to Baby care to help women educate themselves on the importance of first 1000 days of pregnancy to healthy baby.
  53. 53. Meal Planner Due Date & Ovulation Calculator Baby Names Collectables like guides, posters & games Immunization Tracker Guide on week by week Pregnancy
  54. 54. World breastfeeding Week WHO every year celebrates “World Breastfeeding Week from 1st Aug. to 7th Aug. and this year, Nestle India has also initiated awesome campaign on „Breastfeeding‟. Nestle is the first company in India who has launched special campaign on “breastfeeding” where you can join on “Starthealthystayhealthy.in‟ & can spread awareness too. Mothers were asked to give a missed call or visit the microsite to support the cause In this campaign, “pink” color has been exclusively used which represents compassion, nurturing & universal love.
  55. 55. MICROSITE • Dedicated Microsite was created to support the cause of Breastfeeding • 5,52,285 pledges taken till date! • Google Hangout done with Farah Khan on the importance of Breastfeeding • Tweets made by the hashtag #SuperBabySuperPledge BANNER TWITTER BANNER