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Lego4scrum at Dashlane

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Our version of the Lego4scrum game, or how to enjoy a nice team building and learn around scrum principles.

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Lego4scrum at Dashlane

  1. 1. Lego4Scrum Game
  2. 2. Playing with the principles of the Agile manifesto 1. Collaboration between a customer and teams 2. Developing a product, not a detailed list of tasks. Avoid micro-management. 3. Inter-team collaboration for success. 4. Continuous improvement. 2
  3. 3. Organization  Teams of 4 to 6  Timing: 45-60 minutes  Boxes of bricks: lego, kapla,…  Board, markers, flipboard sheets of paper, sticky-notes  Big table: ideally one per team 3
  4. 4. Roles  Product Owner: this is me. I represent the client.  Team members: all of you.  Scrum master: optional. The game can be played without scrum master. This is up to you: self–organize. 4
  5. 5. PRE-GAME: Project Chartering (5 min)  All teams are building a single product for the same vendor, represented by the Product Owner.  The product is a CITY.  Building blocks are lego / kapla bricks.  I am the main decision maker of the product – it is my city.  I will be involved in the development process by being available to answer questions and provide feedback. 5
  6. 6. PRE-GAME: Building the Backlog (15 min)  We want to build:  Small house: one storey building (several)  Big house: two storey building (several)  Shop  School  Church  Hospital  Kindergarten  Bus stop  Roads & Intersection (can be drawn)  Park (can be drawn)  River (can be drawn)  Bridge  There might be bonus requests for other buildings during the game. 6 PRE-GAME: Building the Backlog (10 min)
  7. 7. PRE-GAME: Estimating (15 min)  Choose an estimation method, but keep it simple and keep it fast.  Note: some agile gurus have recommended dropping estimates.  A possible approach is t-shirt sizing: S, M, L, XL  Or you may use story points: 1 2 3 5 8 13  Or planning poker 7 PRE-GAME: Estimating (15 min)
  8. 8. GAME: Sprint Planning (10 min + 3 min)  Build a unique Planning board for all teams to make sprint planning more visible:  3 sprint zones for each team  Release Burndown chart  You have 3 minutes to plan sprint #1  Sprint duration: 7 min 8
  9. 9. GAME: Sprinting (7 min / sprint)  7min ticking… www.online-stopwatch.com  Start building 9 GAME: Sprinting (7 min / sprint)
  10. 10. GAME: Reviewing (5 min)  Stop building  Demo: where is the demo of my city?  Update planning wall  Update Release Burndown chart  Retrospective: “how can we make it better the next sprint?” 10
  11. 11. GAME: release cycle  Loop on sprints #2 and #3 11
  12. 12. POST-GAME: Debriefing  How did it feel being on a Scrum team?  How did the short iterations go?  How accurate were the estimations?  What would we have done differently from the beginning, if we had another chance to play the game?  What was the job of the Product Owner?  How did it feel after the first sprint when most items required re-work?  How will your strategy change, if you know the Product Owner is unavailable during sprints?  How did inter-team communication go? Were there any dependencies? How were they resolved?  What did you learn? 12 POST-GAME: Debriefing
  13. 13. Thank you for playing 13
  14. 14. References:  www.lego4scrum.com 14
  15. 15. Preparation for this workshop  Gather material:  Flipboard pages  Markers of different colours  Sticky notes  Whiteboard  For each team, 1 set of lego/kapla  Prepare sticky notes with buildings 15
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