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Google Analytics Vs.Omniture

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While Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for the price, this presentation outlines why a marketer would look to use a more robust web analytics package such as Omniture.

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Google Analytics Vs.Omniture

  1. 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Why Use Anything Else? 22 September 2008
  2. 2. WHY DO ANYTHING ELSE BUT GOOGLE ANALYTICS? • Customer Support • Calculated Metrics • Tracking and Cookies • Segmentation • Industry Integration 2
  3. 3. ADVANCED FEATURES: Customer Support • GA does not have technical support • Omniture has 24/5 phone support plus: Online customer service chat – Knowledge base – Forums – On Demand video training – Detailed manuals – Regional classes/certification – • As well, Omniture’s team can perform advanced dives
  4. 4. ADVANCED FEATURES: Calculated Metrics • Ability to build custom metrics using over 120 data points
  5. 5. ADVANCED FEATURES: Tracking & Cookies • Tracking goals is one of the biggest differences – GA allows 4 goals – Omniture has literally hundreds of measurement opportunities  Conversions  Events  Variables • GA has a 30 day cookie – Omniture has a 15 year cookie – Cookie windows – First party cookie availability
  6. 6. ADVANCED FEATURES: Segmentation • Crucial to fast and flexible data analysis is advanced segmentation – Example: “I want to see all users from Florida from the last month who have visited the site at least three times and have performed at least two doctor lookups” – Create personas by using Behavioral, Demographic, and Psychographic segmentation
  7. 7. ADVANCED FEATURES: Industry Integration
  8. 8. ADVANCED FEATURES: Mobile Analytics • Mobile reporting is now available to all SiteCatalyst customers. • Reports Include: – Mobile Devices – Device Manufacturer – Screen Size – Cookie Support – Video Format Support – Audio Format Support • Allows reporting on display ads, click-throughs, conversions, path fallout, A/B compare and more.
  9. 9. ADVANCED FEATURES: Mobile Analytics
  10. 10. AND FINALLY… • With GA, Google sees your data • Leading the charge for measuring Web 2.0 such as Flash, Video, Blogs, etc. • Real time data (vs. GA next day view) • With Omniture’s Data Warehouse we can go back and analyze past data with new filters applied • Optimum Path technology allows us to visualize and understand the flow of traffic through the site • Set Calendar Events, Alerts, etc. • Excel Integration's robust API allows us to access all SiteCatalyst data in an Excel environment • Fuor Digital’s Omniture partnership brings best-of-class analytics package at significantly reduced cost