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-Conversion (sales / visits)

-Product page conversion
(sales / visits to product page)

-Funnel analysis

-Basket abandonment

-Bounce rate




-Unique visitors

-Returning visitors

-Page views per visit

-Visit to order ratio

-Load time


-Visit / session length

-Page views per visit

-Time on page

-Time on site

-Form abandonment

-Failed internal search

-Referring pages / links

-Geographic locations

-Print page


-Click through rate


Financial / sales / business
-Average order value

-Basket value

-Profit margin

-Average sales price

-Cross sell

-Gross margin

-Category margin

-Cost per lead

-Customer acquisition cost

-Lifetime customer value

-Average customer value

-Membership / subscription

-Feedburner subscriptions

-Shares on Google Reader

Call centre calls
-Average call length

-Support vs sales calls

-Inbound vs outbound calls

-Web generated calls (unique
number on website)

-Web fulfilled information calls

-SEM keyword value

-SEO positioning

-Changes in SERP results/

-Top entry pages

-Number of keywords
triggering results for your site

-Number of clicks to your site
from keywords

-Google trends

-Inbound links (back link

-Percentage share of each

-Branded vs non-branded

-Affiliate links

-Affiliate fees

Social media
-Facebook referrals

-Incoming Twitter links

-Facebook sends/shares/

-Facebook likes

-Facebook fans

-Facebook fan rates



-@s on Twitter

-Twitter followers

-Twitter follow rate

-Google +1s

-Bookmarks on Delicious

-StumbleUpon thumbs up

-StumpleUpon reviews


-Google BlogSearch links

-Blog comments

-Blog articles

-Video views

-Youtube favourites

-Youtube channel

-Youtube channel comments

-Youtube video reviews

-Slideshare views

-Forum mentions

-Thread size

-Online review mentions

-Stars in reviews

-Bit.ly / URL shorteners
usage / clicks

Third party / benchmarks



-Compete (US)

Email & campaigns
-Email newsletter churn

-Email sign-up

-Emails sent

-Emails bounced (bad

-Email forwards

-Email campaigns

-Open rate

-Delivery rate (sent - bounces)

-Click through rate (CTR)

-Email related to conversion /
other metric

-Unsubscribe rate

-SMS subscribers

-Via print publication / 3rd
party (unique URLs)

Internal search
-Search no results

-# Search 1 - 10 results

-# Search 10 - 25 results

-# Search over 50 results

-GOMS technique

-Time to content

-Clicks to content

-Back button clicks

-Task completion


Testing metrics:
-Words Recognition Rate

-Reported expectations and

-Facial reaction

-Number of back presses

-Gap satisfaction

-Path's taken as a measure of

-Work-flow matches mental
model or not 

Satisfaction measurements:
-Net Promoter Score

-ASQ PDF: After Scenario
Questionnaire (3 Questions) 

-NASA-TLX : NASA's task load
index is a measure of mental
effort (5 Questions) 

-SMEQPDF: Subjective Mental
Effort Questionnaire

-UMEPDF : Usability
Magnitude Estimation 

-SEQ PDF: Single Ease

A bewildering amount of metrics. Here’s some I collected over a couple of
years. This can be dangerous, organisations can be tied to data, refusing to
make a decision without it.

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