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4 | The Web Browser and Email Get Social Social networks are challenging Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Mozilla, and Google as our favorite starting point for navigating the web. For many social network users, the majority of their online communication and web surfing happen from within a social network. But one simple fact remains: users can generally only access their social networks through a Web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and many users receive notifications and updates from their social networks through their email accounts. There are also millions of other Internet users who have thus far shunned social networks and are looking for ways to benefit from social network activity without having to create a traditional social networking account. For these users, the most important tool is not the Facebook homepage, but their trusted web browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) and email inbox (e.g. GMail). Not wanting to get left out of the social networking world completely, these users will begin to install applications that add social elements to their existing web accounts.

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