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5 | A Smarter, Social, Semantic Web The Semantic Web is the next evolution of the Internet experience. The goal is to create applications and Web experiences that are “intelligent”—in that they understand the context through which they’re being accessed. The Web first emerged as a way for people to talk to people. The second evolution of the Web (Web 2.0) ushered in a wave of applications that allowed people to talk to applications and vice versa. The next evolution? A semantic Web in which applications can talk to one another to create a seamless Web experience. The Semantic Web is one that can understand and satisfy a user’s requests based on that user’s behavior and data – and much data resides within the walls of a user’s social network. Anyone who uses the Internet and social networking applications is already “connected” – the next step is to help users synchronize their lives, reducing unwanted information flows, and automating simple tasks related to managing life via the Web.

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